12 Aug

Website promotion foreign chain construction according to the network development to transform opera

with the changing of search engine, we should also turn up the brain. It will pass the same is dead, although the chain construction is just like a marathon as long and hard, but the payoff is infinite. The above is my immature opinion, for reference only. This paper consists of the original in love wit hi.baidu贵族宝贝/qq637liu, A5 Adsense nets start, please indicate the source, thank you A5 webmaster to us to provide a communication platform.

website promotion friends should know that a site in the promotion work, more than sixty percent of the time will be spent in the construction of the chain, because the chain construction site operation so unlike the controllability, so the difficulty and the survival rate of a certain height, so we need to summarize the experience and skills in in the construction of the chain, the rapid implementation of the construction of the chain and stand outside promotion.

is now the Internet development is very rapid, the search engine also constantly adjust their algorithm, take the love of Shanghai, development, often will make the adjustment on the integration algorithm and information on the Internet to adapt so, when we do website promotion, should also adjust our method according to the network the development and changes of times to make more effective work.


but love Shanghai very high on the weight of their products under the grant, if you can leave the chain on the site’s ranking is of great help. The new account currently love Shanghai know basically can’t leave the link, so it needs to cultivate a high level of account, answer with the chain link is best not more than 3 a day, only the accumulation of such a long time to harvest. In addition to leave the chain in question is good, can be quickly know the Q & a site collection, can be said to be yiyidangshi.

chain is king, the chain for the emperor, a construction site to get a good ranking of keywords ultimately chain. The construction of the chain method usually use the webmaster is, forum, blog, blog quiz, soft, etc.. Although these methods are effective, but now with the network environment inspection efforts to increase the difficulty of improving a lot. Take it now to know love Shanghai, love in Shanghai that left a chain is very difficult, fixed brains and crooked ideas difficult to do.

blog for construction, we should constantly cultivate, because the weight of the blog is very high, the effect is also very good long-term unremittingly. For soft writing, published is often very good some of their original articles, it will not only be contracted to Pastebin, many websites can also be reproduced, this effect is currently the best way outside the chain, how to do that we need to improve their writing ability.

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