12 Aug

Tourism website and promotion channels

the blind Shanghai dragon behavior is not desirable. Gehangrugeshan, real science station, also need to assist industry experience. Otherwise, like a blind man across the river, a little attention one does not say, but also to make their career with the Shanghai dragon a layer of gray shadow.

I enter the tourism industry has been half a year, to survey two words, difficult. This road is full. Every day many new things, do any good can is our place of study. When it comes to tourist sites, have to say is tourism portal, Showtime travel, the way cattle, Ctrip, Lotto, donkey mother, eLong tour pal, and so on large sites, the tourist spots cover them directly, no matter where they can see their shadows. Fortunately, we do not need to compete with their home, just need to take them down a page can. To survive in the middle of this down, also requires a certain courage.

There are many

promotion channels for tourism site, personal feel good promotion is by way of a tourism forum, and around the third party blog promotion platform. Here I share some of their own experiences. As everyone knows, forums and blogs are highly interactive tools. This is the advantage of tourism site richly endowed by nature, we find that this interactive place.

talked about tourism, brain appeared in the first picture should be the scenic area, so the scenic area moved to the website also needs image processing skills, so tourism must stand cannot do without a skilled expert PS. Then the web page template, in the early site, observe the many tourist sites, they rarely have much in common, can make their own style website. Common is inevitable, because we are doing tourism, but must make a difference in the Phoenix template.

as above, I have seen that this is the most beautiful Phoenix Town tourism to do a website, each channel of the background image are different. Feels very good to hear or see. Open the speed is not slow, direct solution for Phoenix tourists yearning, picture processing at the same time more force users to phoenix. One is for tourists who want to go to the Phoenix, this site is sure to let him remember. Because I saw from this site, don’t forget.

before I in the Phoenix tourism sector forum published a paper on the journey to Phoenix Town, the content is a guest, Tu Vin Unionmaw, he agreed to fight, published in other tourism forum. I mentioned in blogs naturally or half unconsciously at an inn phoenix. The next few days, the inn brand word search volume began to rise. Most are those who want to go to Phoenix Town to see travels, then interested in the inn, which is equivalent to a soft effect. There is no link in this paper. So they can only through the search to find the mysterious inn. The effect of the promotion does not come out? "


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