12 Aug

The station of high quality original articles for website optimization

first, the high quality of the original article is the basis for the user experience. Since we is about the search behavior of Shanghai dragon had to analyze user’s general users are not familiar with do not understand things, usually go to our website in search engine search, whether it is in the station of the page or master is around the user’s search behavior in the construction of column hypothesis and the article page, for let users find us in the first time, indeed, the user will be through our station or the long tail word, column page into the site, when users enter the website, the contents of the article is the real help to the user, or some mundane things, a commonplace talk of an old scholar, which directly affects the user trust in our website and first impression. Imagine a website user has no confidence in, or a large number of duplicate articles makes readers lose interest to continue down To understand the interest, this is undoubtedly the website and search engine algorithm against, because one of the most important algorithm of search engine is all based on the user, since the site violates the basic rules of search engine ranking will be stable? Will get good rankings? I remind you carefully to do things carefully, will do better. Users love website is search engine site.

as everyone knows, Shanghai dragon website optimization process, content and outreach has been the subject of debate, the new optimization process content is priority among priorities, in this era of rampant plagiarism, who can seriously considered for the user, do website content in real value, the there will be more long-term development more stable, as the only teacher said, Shanghai dragon is difficult to content sources, inheritance in return users. Today I will share with you in high quality articles which specific help for website optimization.

second, the high quality of the original article is based on stable snapshot. The point above we focus on the user, because the user is the foundation of any website optimization and operation, at this level, we continue to understand why the search engine for the high quality of the article is based on the snapshot stable? Website optimization process, a lot of friends often encounter this problem, snapshot, snapshot not update the number of columns and so on, here we advocate general station optimization of high quality articles and fixed the update frequency, the author thinks that the article crudely made even if you updated daily snapshot, rollback problems you might be unable to solve. Because the update is on the one hand, the high quality of the article is the foundation, imagine a Steamed Buns others chew a lot of times, you are willing to give you to eat? Similarly, the search engine is the same reason, analysis of the quality after crawls through the search engine, some of the garbage article, copy the article will be rejected, since not the website is normal included, snapshots will not talk. So, here I remind you, the high quality of the article is not only a means to improve the website snapshot, and later we site performance good stability in an important weight > search engine terms

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