12 Aug

Website promotion optimization how to optimize the picture

images on the web are format, size, specific volume. Often some enterprise website maintenance novice, will put the digital camera photos directly to the network upload, do not know such pictures is processed. As a picture, if we can accurately control the size of the picture, will greatly enhance the efficiency of search engine indexing and classification of website image ranking.

according to the current technological development of the search engine, "if only simple images, search engines can only index to the general web Title and other related information and pictures of the Alt description information. So, if you can put some pictures in the front and rear position for picture text, picture or description information with keyword matching to optimize the picture, web pages can be better in the search engine rankings.

for web images plus Alt tag keyword description information, this is the enterprise website search engine optimization the most important job in. Alt (alternate text) is mainly to give the search engine to provide the words, although visitors can not see the description information of the picture, but the search engine can see. Description of information exists in the web page code, points out the content of the picture, the theme and the correlation. At this stage of the search engine is generally through web content descriptions and photos to analyze the theme and meaning of picture represents. Therefore, the web content with pictures is also very important.

three, image size and format of

, pictures and description of

four, the number of images

Zheng network for website promotion, image optimization way is particularly important, especially for the promotion of enterprise products. The picture due to better display >

atlas way often can help improve the web images included and ranking in search engine. So for multiple pictures showing the same theme, often by graphic form. This can not only complete the show theme, but also by search engines love.

two, "related to the content of the picture


with the development of Internet search technology, the search engine can be "read" the picture, in the near future will be "read" search engine. The search engine to enhance image search application support will be the trend of the development of the internet. The picture is a very important part of the content of the website, often overlooked, the enterprise website promotion, we explain the enterprise website optimization, optimization of the picture.

five, image watermark


for website promotion, pictures with business contact or website, can bring to the site more high visibility, bring potential customers for the enterprise. Therefore, the image with watermark is one of the website promotion needs work, but must pay attention to the style and position of watermark, the image itself does not affect the expression of the theme.

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