12 Aug

What do you think of how to choose the target keywords keywords


target choice has certain skills, we can use the drop-down box, Shanghai: love love >

general, target keywords will have some obvious characteristics, we can according to relevant features, to select the target keywords:

1. in general, target keywords will as a web page title, combined with his own business name appears. For example, a box of enterprise title: do _ _ insecticide insecticide indoor environmental pesticides _XXX;

what is the target keywords. Target words in general, is our best hope for the user to access the website through search engine keywords by about three. It can be said that the goal of the website is the website keyword name card, we can use these target keywords brings the most users for the site. It is often said that the general key words: website products or services etc..

these are some characteristics of the target keywords, we often because the target keyword set error caused the site shut down, re layout of the target keywords, only in a better understanding of customer groups will set up the website keywords. Many websites will set a lot of target keywords, the ranking is also very good, but why not target customers can achieve the transformation? For example, the goals of the web site keywords set a lot of words related to daily life, so the daily users will access to the web site, and we face the customer groups for agents, rather than online buy, this time, even if our target keywords ranking is again good, also can become a "seductive" and not useful website.

for the word "Keywords", many Shanghai dragon ER certainly is not strange, even if people do not understand the industry, but also for keywords can simply say the meaning of it. I asked a lot of people in charge of the enterprise as a problem, although they do not know what is the Shanghai Dragon: how do you think the key is in Shanghai keywords? Love above the input you want to find the words. In fact, the answer is correct, but the lack of the official language. Keywords: divided into target keywords, long tail keywords etc..


5. sites are around the target keywords to planning, design, add.

3. target keywords in the search engine, must have a certain amount of search, and relatively stable; we can love Shanghai to view the site index target keyword search volume, index and other related parameters;

4. target set must set the target customer group, the customer demand access to bring the customer conversion site will not achieve revenue; some professionals in order to view the relevant information website;

2. target words in general only set 2-4, the first page title is the most important keywords, the rest of the time, the last one, usually the name of the web site;

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