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Hebei 7 college students dream of doing China’s best shorthandThe biggest problem of network busines

Internet has created a large number of rich people, it is enviable. Others see the Taobao money, want to open a Taobao shop; see others do wholesale money in the Alibaba, they also want to open a Alibaba shops; see others do make money, want to do a website development. However, there are several really successful online business? Sometimes, you do not understand, not you do not have knowledge, nor you do not have the technology, but not you stupid, but you did not solve the "trust" two words.

actually, for two words of trust, I can cite a lot of examples. If that’s the case, I’m sure not many people believe it. I would like to talk about some of my experiences and talk to you, so that you can really appreciate the importance of two words.

I used to drive a Taobao store, mainly selling children’s toys. I used to sell very well, but slowly, I found many customers said they were broken or some other problems when they received the goods. In fact, these products are packaged, and I have not taken apart, and the products are packaged in plastic foam boxes, very strong, express delivery will not be broken. I just know, encountered a liar, some customers buy after playing bad, also came to me. Taobao sells toys is not really easy, in this case do not earn a penny, it wouldn’t cost nearly tens of dollars, plus courier fees, packaging fees 100 yuan. I’d rather not do this kind of business.

has just stepped into the society from the ivory tower to the entrepreneurial team of College students. Cheng Hang,

suludivision free shorthand site for the Hebei Provincial Library Jitu public lecture forum ". Cheng Hang,

the shorthand is founded by seven Hebei software technology occupation student graduates in 2011, they both graduated two years ", has just graduated Shige" "sister", but they have a common characteristic: who have revealed a kick.


Liu Wanyu told reporters that his love finger tapping shorthand machine feeling and crisp sound very much, when in school, you have to set up an own shorthand company, their hobbies and occupation planning together. At school, Liu Wanyu often participate in domestic and international Sulu contest, and won the award in 48, the 49 international contest in the Sulu, and in Beijing internship for the Ministry of foreign affairs and other major activities done, accumulated a lot of experience.

will you buy the product that pays first and then delivers?

first payment, after the site of the company, you will choose

entrepreneurial dreams of seven college students


I used to do Taobao websites for clients, but I’m doing web sites


later, I didn’t plan to sell toys in Taobao. I lost so much money that I could not afford to hurt myself. Later, as long as I want to buy toys in the first payment, after delivery, buy or not, I do not demand. Since then, sales of toys have dwindled. A lot of customers ask me if I can deal with Taobao, and I also know that users will buy it only on Taobao, but I really can’t take Taobao, so I refuse. Although there are many do not believe in iron, but there are still some customers believe me, directly to me to buy money, and I am very grateful to the trust of these friends.


Liu Wanyu is one of seven college students who started writing shorthand and also a professional stenographer. Liu Wanyu told reporters, from 2007 began to contact their school when they love the Sulu, shorthand, and determined to learn shorthand. After the college entrance examination, Liu Wanyu reported to the Hebei Software Institute’s shorthand major, and met a group of like-minded students.


the Great Wall network, Shijiazhuang, June 10th Feng Suqin, Cheng Hang entrepreneurship is difficult, and as just entering the community from the ivory tower college students, entrepreneurship is even more difficult. However, seven just out of the campus of the Hebei Software Institute students, but with their fingertips, hold up their entrepreneurial dreams, founded the Hebei college students belong to the shorthand company, their goal is to make the best China "shorthand"; they do not mistake the business at the same time, public welfare and social responsibility, will make the brand to do public welfare and social responsibility in a Libra on hold together, they say the new era of college students is like this. At the beginning of June, a reporter with the move, approached this was founded by seven college students from Shijiazhuang Paper Co. Ltd. hereinafter referred to as "Yawei shorthand shorthand Chuanwen", and together they taste the sour, sweet, bitter, hot start on the road to witness this group of university students, entrepreneurial passion, social responsibility and the charm of style.

at the beginning of 2011, a shorthand for the top student in his class and learn the legal profession Shige wear began preparations for the shot hit it off and start their own shorthand company. In November 2011, a company of its own was founded, but the question follows: "without business, how can the company survive?"

> sweet dreams

shopping online can be said to be much more shopping at Taobao. Because when you are shopping, if you are not good, you can apply for a refund, so as not to be deceived. Moreover, there are too many cheats on the network, and people have a sense of security, which is good. Do not say others, even I also, to buy things online, you have to have a Taobao shop, if not I ignore, let me first hit more don’t think, this is why I did not on the network so long as the. If you want to let users first hit the money, after delivery, the most important thing is to let the user trust you can,

decided to resign from the job to go

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