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insight into the offline enterprise "net" eager demand, the Beijing whole network number of business Polytron Technologies Inc hereinafter referred to as: the whole network number business came into being. This is a telecommunications oriented, radio and television operators and enterprises to implement e-commerce solutions to provide a full range of technology oriented companies. The company has successfully landed on the new three board market in December 21, 2012.

network the number of Polytron Technologies Inc formerly Beijing Youlian Huitong Technology Co. Ltd.

Company name: Beijing

founder: Xu Huan

more than four years of work experience in large companies did not smooth, Xu Huan passion for entrepreneurship in the bone and impulse. But going to quit her job he did not want to fight to win or die to what, really let him determine entrepreneurial direction but also from two things about.

search a lot of information on the Internet, friends introduced a few software, PHP168, ant classification information systems are good.

advertising positions, the background can be set floating advertising, couplet advertising and banner advertising, and can set different pages display different advertising, increase advertising revenue reliability.

see others through technical service he built made fortunes, Xu Huan began to think, why not own their own technological advantages, easy for those with non-technical people to build a technology platform? Here the gem figure Xu Huan gradually clear up.

page: classification of information can be limited and the classification of top home top, and deduct the gold membership to operate, the number of gold coins deduction can also be set up in the background.


since there is an idea, then have to find a good project in order to make the pace of success further, the foundation is more solid.

team size: 100+ people,

founding time: 2005

according to Xu Huan memories, the first thing was when a friend wanted to do an electricity supplier website, because do not understand technology, and then toss to find

every day will go to sh419 search to find information, but we are the three line of the city, sh419 included many really? Why not the local consumer website? If not, then why can’t I do a

cross the river by feeling the stones. The road ahead is long. Now that I have taken my first step, what are you waiting for? Do you continue to dream or brave the first step? Do you envy other people’s success or create your own brilliance?

here he is. The mall on the line after the operation was a success, friends through this website the daily flow from 20 thousand to 200 thousand, with about 10% of the net profit, the net friend every day to 20 thousand yuan from 2 thousand yuan after the initial.

company website: aebiz.net/


electronic commerce to later speed into to "trillion" as the unit of time, so many traditional industries to the huge pressure in the feeling at the same time, more is to make up their own development short board urgent.

search in a group of networks www.etuan, found that the ant information classification system is more practical, it is based on php+mysql’s excellent local living classified information portal software. Can I set up a professional information classification / local portal site in the shortest time, CMS content management system is a focus in the field of information classification, at the lowest cost, the least human input, in the shortest possible time to set up a complete function, excellent performance and easy maintenance of large scale website platform. Both the front desk and the back screen look very nice and comfortable, and the user experience is very good.

everything is difficult at first. Identify the direction of entrepreneurship, we must begin to implement, but this is far more difficult than imagined. In the early days of entrepreneurship, there was no resources and connections, so every step went very hard. Let Xu Huan be impressed

I know that entrepreneurship requires courage and the need to choose the right project. Now that you have the idea of starting a business, you have to take action.

SEO should be very concerned about the place, after all, the impact of ranking weight on the site is still great. Station, information, news, shops, business yellow pages can be set to a different path display mode, including static, pseudo static, dynamic. Yes, they are.


the other thing was inspired by a client who did telescope business. Xu Huan told reporters that the customer is based on sales of binoculars based customers, in the forum earned 10 thousand dollars, tasted the sweetness, he hopes Xu Huan to help him do an online mall to broaden sales channels. The mall on the line, the people made a lot of money, then the customer went to Nanjing to buy two ship shipping business to do, of course, this is something.

company card:

everyone has an entrepreneurial dream, busy work life, so that more and more people lost their passion for life,

entrepreneurship, "what,

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