8 Aug

New year’s day wary of alliance runFind genes for mobile nternet

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Chairman Mao once taught us to seek truth from facts, but these four words are easy to say but difficult to achieve. Our environment, inertia, thinking and other factors will always blind our eyes. So, in fact, most people can’t be realistic in their lives.

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to distinguish between the Internet and mobile Internet, we must first distinguish their carrier, apart from the performance not to say, last year we also believe that mobile phone performance is far behind the mobile phone, but this fact can be not mentioned, with the quad, and released the next year eight core CPU, 2G memory has become a standard, no matter how you look at it, the performance of mobile phone will not be the bottleneck of the application. Physically, PC and mobile phone, PC large screen, generally do not have the camera, the object itself is large and bulky, not easy to move, it is the first mobile phone, small, portable, then with GPS chip, with the camera, the sensor has many characters, such as gyroscope etc..

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so, just the above difference, enough to trigger everyone’s wireless vision, mobile Internet application space will be breadth, depth. Such as instagram, such as micro-blog. Micro-blog is not the first to use the Internet as much as micro-blog is the first widespread use of mobile internet. Because I guess holding a mobile phone beat thousands of words, tens of thousands of words blog bloggers are aliens, so micro-blog is for the mobile Internet and born.

Lei cries every day the company do not have Internet genes, the company no mobile Internet gene, this gene is what mean? It is to break the inertia of thinking, dogmatism and empiricism, and so on, what what Lao Tzu year break. In a realistic manner, analyzing one thing, analyzing demand, starting a business, this is the gene.


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what does it mean to seek truth from facts? I think it is simple to think about the problem and judge the problem from the actual point of view. The most important thing is to consider the similarities and differences. Then, the personal use of our Internet and mobile Internet debate, we analyze and analyze the concept of mobile search.

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now bigwigs talk about subversive innovation, or micro innovation, I think it is a thinking model based on personality and life experience. The concept of mobile phone search from the Internet search, shlf1314 and sh419, so everyone in the inertia of thinking, we think there will be a mobile phone search, but why do I say that mobile phone search is always the first to review a pipe dream? I thought I, a few years ago, I have always thought that the mobile Internet is a gimmick, because I think the mobile phone only the web page is reduced, because the Internet world is the world of WWW, so I firmly believe that mobile Internet does not exist, but now I know I was wrong, mobile phone based on its unique physical properties, chemical reaction is occurring upside down on the mobile phone, we study chemistry people know that the physical properties of decision the chemical nature, but I really didn’t see this a few years ago. shlf1314 and sh419 are based on the sea >

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