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Pinterest’s inspiration for startups the DevOps model is critical to businessWangzhuan really earn


2000, our side of the Internet has just started, because the vocational high school computer network management, so to find a job, every month is three hundred or four hundred of revenue, but to repair the computer, teach the customer with , but also leisure online chat, but also a leisurely Le zai.

then the transformation of the company to DevOps mode, how to do as far as possible to reduce the pain of transformation and create lasting and reliable business process? Listen to Ryan Park as we summarize the wise remark of an experienced person:

2. was a popular network game is called a mud mud word games, text, careful not to play, feel with the Red Alert games like far later, the emergence of a large number of graphics network game, then I began to contact the real online, remember the first game is "fun for thousands of years," an account, the establishment of a character into the game, wearing only briefs the bald villain standing in the mouse, point to the left, he went to the left, to the right, he went to the right, I am extremely excited, the first to experience the fun of online games, to this news is told "no love", then he joined the ranks of the millennium. Then followed by crazy leveling, making money, making money, leveling. Then came the legend, because more and more people were surfing the Internet, playing games became a luxury idea.

3. overnight wealth is the need for opportunities and ability coexist, I speak here overnight flourishes, not really a night to get rich, is to quickly make money in a short period of time. "No love" I do not know where to hear or see the news, said that doing it can make money, strongly urged me to do it, then can’t afford it, have to spend money to rent a server, I a month on the three hundred or four hundred, what can be done, not what courage, a bad man, just listen to it don’t care too much. But "no love" hard to do, he that belongs to the coastal city, wages are relatively high, more than 1000 of the income of a month, plus with a friend to borrow money, rent a server, one month lease to PW trip, because the legendary just appeared not long friends, server speed, and stable general server card, soon attracted a large number of game player, when the lease is coming, he came to the collective big drops, notice is to renew again on the line, do not renew, do not play, ah, a server so good level, so high, who is willing to throw ah, a month to spend more money than a grand and less, had fun, that.

Pinterest? The company’s operations engineer, Ryan Park, has opened the door to the answer. In his view, the Devops model plays a very important role in the explosive growth of Pinterest.


The biggest benefit of the

DevOps model is the faster and more efficient delivery of the required software functionality. Update the software faster and make the necessary changes to improve the end user experience. Although the DevOps model is powerful, it is not easy to really carry it out. Park said, to master such as Puppet Puppet and Opscode laboratory Chef configuration tool, is a very difficult process, but because of this new business model is very high, there are still many companies are willing to try them.

What’s the real reason behind the explosive growth rate of

Pinterest is a so-called "personal version of cool hunting tools" the vision of social networking sites, the site was founded in 2011, the current site users grow faster and catch up with the Facebook five years ago, after Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and one of the world’s attention website. According to the marketing services company Experian data from recent studies in the United States, July Pinterest weekly visits reached 28 million 950 thousand times, while last year add up to only 1 million 270 thousand times the total number of browsing, browse has increased by 5124%. As far as data is concerned, the Pinterest company is well aware of how to achieve rapid business growth.

Ryan Park", >

1. uses automated


then what does Ryan Park refer to as DevOps? In the traditional workflow, there is a lot of dislocation between development and operation and maintenance, which results in the problem of deployment. Therefore, the idea of DevOps comes into being. DevOps is combination of "development" and "operation", it is referred to as a set of process and method and system, to promote the development of application / Software Engineering, technical operations and quality assurance QA communication, collaboration and integration between departments. Its emergence is due to the growing awareness of the software industry that development and operations must work closely together in order to deliver software, products and services on time.

1. for a period of time, I am crazy about chatting room scraper, is in the chat room, message with Shuabing software, can brush a variety of text patterns, can also brush others can’t enter the room, to see his own words. When I brush, the heart can not say there will be a pleasure, I feel the whole people relax after brushing, the reality of the pressure release out, what a cool, if you haven’t done it, you can’t understand, oh. During this period, recognized a "no love" Fujian netizen, we often go to refresh, exchange of experience, he is also working in the cafe, which we soon became buddies. The hero of this article is him.

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