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What happened to the O2O entrepreneur behind the merger and bankruptcyTake you to understand at pre

3., a typical coat on this site needs more than 20 euros. It’s not cheap or even a little expensive for people in our country. It’s really cheap for people in those European countries.

A few days ago in

O2O in 2013 just rising, many people regarded as a pioneering outlet, carved sirloin, West master and Huang Taiji wave O2O entrepreneurs overnight explosion of red. Looking back now is different, have become fashionable for a time of the project, or to exit, or walk in the edge of life and death. The focus of peoples entrepreneurship to become a target for all, O2O’s aura is fading, at least three years ago compared to the current outlet, the most mentioned is the merger and bankruptcy.

and Uber Chinese drops merge distance is less than two months time, came the sh419 glutinous rice, and the new big takeaway business merger news. Although sh419 has denied new large selection of silence, seeing the Internet Rumors – – – denied deny recognition "routine Internet users still sniff some different taste.

as Tolstoy said, "happy families are alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."." From the external environment, the death tide in the O2O field is mostly due to capital winter, fierce competition, homogeneous service, lack of profit model and so on. In this achieves guku million in the field, and envy successful lucky to make a correct choice, because the loser eventually be eliminated by the market more worthy of our consideration.

2., since it is global, we are going to use a more unified currency. Now the euro has more than the dollar into the international currency, and the euro has a higher exchange rate than the dollar.


recently I found more and more excellent messages and comments of me, some through me in their blog comments, some through I wrote the article here, in these message friends I found such a person through their comments and the message I can see that they do see read my article, so, I usually corresponding to visit, in the visit, but today I have discovered such a English station,

hope that through this article, our webmaster friends can find a better way to make money online, so as soon as possible from the grassroots.


I can see the site every day should earn a lot of money, according to statistics, in 2009, China has more than 120 million by the number of online shopping, not to mention the Internet more developed in the United States and Europe.


since the drop and quick handshake and start, the prelude to the merger of the O2O industry was officially opened. Perhaps the only way to attract attention is Ctrip + where to go, 58+ market, the United States Group + public comment, drops +Uber, China and other major mergers, O2O industry merger has long been a phenomenon class event.

through this picture we can see that this is a website selling clothes and shoes, and he used the unit of currency is the euro, I’m sure his master is certainly China webmaster, why? He is the first message in my blog is Chinese, he used second website statistics is 51 statistics, below third his website and a Chinese bank linked picture.

no matter what the reason is, O2O entrepreneurs generally recognized that even vertical market segments and then a small, similar start-up companies as many as dozens or even more, in this case either bigger and stronger, or wait for death. After all, in the field of O2O, Losers are always in the wrong. things happen every day, the media have repeatedly selfless offer a page for our death list.

O2O venture troubled five internal "

and the chat users, I learned that recently many webmaster do English station, is said to be profiteering, do English garbage station one day shlf1314 advertising revenue can reach 300 yuan, because foreign shlf1314 advertising price is very high, my friend a few days ago made a joke in a foreign country garbage station, today I to introduce this site do is sell casual apparel website. So, what does it make of it? How much can it earn for a day? For our group of grassroots webmaster, it is really worth thinking about, and it helps us to get out of grass roots at an early date.

, here’s my own point of view:

1. through this site, we can see that the Internet has now been internationalized, that is, the site’s customers are global.

original articles starting address: www.zzyyshi Author: Wu leoco

compared with the concept of O2O just a few years ago, O2O is now a market with a scale of more than one trillion. But for O2O entrepreneurs, it has come to a turning point, giants seek mergers, entrepreneurs have left. In the face of this huge cake, why are O2O entrepreneurs still struggling,

Through the above analysis of the 3 point

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from the car market to catering, entertainment, and then to fresh, laundry, nail and other vertical market segments, mergers everywhere. There are many reasons for the merger, or under the cold winter capital, subsidies increasingly unrealistic, Baotuan heating become inevitable. Or business and market highly coincident, through the form of mergers to optimize online operations, and to build high-quality resources under the line, thereby winning greater market competitiveness.

merged, or closed down, O2O’s new label,


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