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Bicycle 298 million tuhao gold deposit and the close relationship between the controversial P2P plat

a city that has access to cheap tickets and rooms is only a travel agency. Travel, travel, booking through travel agencies, online than the lowest discount can be a lower discount. Because travel agencies and airlines and hotels have signed a perennial agreement.

, in which the car wireless charging partner Haier name also impressively appeared on the gold bike. According to the Haier group’s Ministry of culture, Haier and cool cycling have started negotiating wireless charging components since last year, starting with the first generation of cool bikes to explore wireless charging. After three months of preparation, Haier wireless charging technology has been applied to cool riding bicycles.

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A Prior to the launch of the The subject behind the

4, set promotional price of 100 yuan a, no discount, no discount. The average person will stay at the Check Inn Hotel for more than two days, so you can draw a difference of 100 yuan per guest.

1. Tips for getting cheap rooms and tickets

cool bike bicycle resembling municipal bicycle, bicycle on both sides with "free riding ten times, you pay for credit loan" advertising, the reporter inquiries found that the cool bike has a lot of relevance and P2P platform integrity loan.

eye reporter inquiries found cool bike Beijing >

1, agent a not participate in Ctrip online booking business such as Traders Hotel, such as Maple Road Traders Hotel, Select Hotel, as far as possible to choose the address of the remote, less tourists hotel. Signed an agreement with them, each room agent price of around 50 yuan.

on the night of June 7th, a netizen on micro-blog said he saw a very special sharing bike on the side of the road. In June 8th, sharing a bicycle with an electroplated gold coat exploded micro-blog and friends. There are friends in the circle of friends lamented, "blind, perfect Gold Saint cloth texture", also have a lot of friends said the blue and gold collocation not beautiful.

2, through online promotion of the site, imitate Xiamen hotel online promotion model.

the "Gold Edition" cool cycling has launched the third generation of cool bike bicycle, not only the appearance of cool new features, is also very cool. According to the new version of cool bike, bicycle with wireless charging, automatic lifting, voice broadcast three black technology function, called the "high" bike sharing.

"Haier as a cool bike supplier, and cool cycling signed a strategic agreement", Haier relevant person in charge told the Beijing News reporter. As for the current wireless charging equipment in the cool on the bike delivery number, Haier said, there is only the first batch, the future will continue to put, make a batch of purchasing a number, is still in the process, the specific number is uncertain.

a tender green body, Tiffany blue, cool cycling in June 8th with a golden Shuabing Nouveau riche. And Haier’s wireless charging logo on the bike also makes partners Haier wireless charging grand debut.

travel to a city usually in large and medium-sized city, if you say to the driver to the hotel for 7 days, the driver will know, many drivers would wonder, this hotel decoration is very bad, why are so many people go to. 7 Days Inn invested 100 million yuan, has made a brand, we can not copy other people’s model, but we can think of another way. Check out online booking at bidding. For example, see Xiamen hotel to advertise on the Internet, the new five-star hotel decoration, check the price as long as 100 yuan. The web site gives a real shot of the room. It’s beautiful and powerful. But, Xiamen Hotel relies on the promotion of in-house personnel, must online booking directly. How do we do this using business.

cool ride and P2P integrity loan CEO for the same person

uses Haier wireless charging black technology

"gold bike" for cool bike Beijing Technology Co., Ltd., founded in the end of 2016, has invested more than 100 bicycles in Beijing, Shanghai more than 50 city, and in June 7th in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Xi’an 5 city launched the first "golden bike". Users can download cool bike APP, register and pay 298 yuan deposit, you can use.

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the most competitive way to make money when bidding, because the bidding can provide directional flow, we just need to find online profitable products and services, once found, you can easily make money.

now on the bicycle riding a bicycle is the golden nouveau riche cool third generation version, more controversial than the color is also associated with many cool bike P2P platform credit loan, the old version of the cool bike on both sides with the "free riding ten times, you pay for credit loan" advertisement.


3, do shlf1314 bidding advertising, launched * * * hotels and * * * city name hotels and other keywords.

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