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Community website profit model full analysisThe AR start up ambition is not small to buy holographic

in view of this, Daqri decided to buy Two Trees Photonics, a British company, which developed a holographic technology based on the results of University of Cambridge research. The two sides did not disclose details of the purchase price. "We’ve spent 4 years looking for dynamic holographic technology, and then we ran into this company," says Blaine, co-founder and CEO of Daqri · Brian Mullins. They have an excellent team of physicists, making significant progress in dynamic holographic technology. It was a shock to see it for the first time."

because with the increase in community traffic, the promotion of popularity, brought about by the cost of the server, the increase in operating costs, will make the webmaster had to think about what kind of profit model. Successful community websites should have clear and effective profit models, while smart webmasters should plan profitable models at the start of the site.

AbstractDaqri currently employs more than 350 people and has raised more than $130 million.

, Two, Trees and Photonics will join Daqri and continue to develop holographic technology. Chief technology officer of Two Trees Photonics Jamieson · Chris Christmas Jamieson will continue to play the original role. Christmas, Ph. D. of the University of Cambridge, studied holographic technology at the University’s advanced optoelectronics center. He is known as the world’s first full color laser holographic projector developers.

Two Trees Photonics, founded in 2010, has always kept a low profile, mainly developing dynamic holographic display technology. Jaguar, Land Rover, and others hope to use the laser – based technology to project real-time information onto the windshield of a car to build a future version of a head – mounted holographic display. So far, about 150 thousand vehicles with their technology have been on the road, Mullins said. Daqri will maintain and continue to expand its cooperation with automakers.

of course, there are different kinds of advertisements. Some are counted by clicking, some by page view and some by month or by year. Different advertising types also bring different profit skills. Sometimes, increasing traffic is the key point. Sometimes, increasing the click rate is the key point.

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Daqri was set up around 2010, and most of the time it was relatively quiet. But the company has quietly grown, there are more than 350 employees, financing over $130 million, leading investors include Tarsadia, Investments and so on. Daqri recently released its first mass-produced smart helmet using Intel processors. The company focuses on industrial and industrial customers, including large companies such as SIEMENS, Emerson and Vinci.

you can use your creativity, creative products or services, you can improve, you can own pricing, you can build your own customer base. Of course, the product or service in the form of a lot of different products or services sold on the website of the skills are also different, and the service model than advertising model can grasp the webmaster, because sell advertising there are many things that we cannot control.

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relies on the unique characteristics of its own members of the community and provides unique products and services that other communities can not provide. It is also a major model of community website profitability.

community Adsense Adsense profit model, has long been selling advertising and services to make money two, many of which are basically the extension of these two modes.

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when the site has a certain quality, "shlf1314 AdSense advertising alliance" and "sh419 theme promotion" and so on, because these two advertising union threshold is relatively high. When traffic and website popularity improved significantly, you can try to brand advertisers as the main development position, after all, in accordance with the 28 principles, 80% of advertising costs from 20% advertisers to dig there.

advertising seems to be the mainstream of many community websites in the country. In order to sell advertising for profit orientation website, hope to the natural flow, in order to have a high number of clicks, and the website at the beginning of the establishment, is a lack of traffic and popularity, it can choose the Ali Mama advertising agency, because Ali mother advertising agency threshold is not high, as long as your site thought health. General through technical personnel to audit, through the audit in accordance with the requirements as long as you put ads code on it.

webmaster do community what is the motivation for interest?? love? Money? The initial motivation may be different, but the operations to a certain stage after all, profit is a community website can not avoid the problem.

technology news in March 29th, according to Forbes magazine, headquartered in Losangeles, Daqri is a lesser known augmented reality start-ups, but it has great ambitions: Daqri wants the augmented reality technology is extended to anywhere in the world, and to challenge the Microsoft company Magic Leap and the mystery of augmented reality. In order to achieve this goal, it needs holographic technology first.

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specific ways to diversify, can sell their products through the website sales; the implementation of the registered membership fees, provide free membership and differentiated services; investment products, information integration, pay recommendation and drawn into profit and so on.

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