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Talk about personal website development and making moneyFormer grand executive entrepreneurial Adven

: first we have to do is to observe good standing with the industry, as a user experience to structure their website, which is easy to be accepted by the users or more practical and convenient to operate, which is very troublesome, because now the Internet users don’t like too trivial things, love directly love, in a less complex environment on the operation, so in this issue you must learn the strengths of others, to make up for the shortcomings of others, only a better user experience to make more practical than their site to attract users. Now a lot of people here are not doing well basically is to download a program to change the contents of some collection go blind propaganda, do you think there is effect? So that the reasonable structure of the website promotion website in the future plays a big role

cloud known sound confirms the authenticity of the message. Cloud known sound within the company’s press release bulletin, Chinese won the cloud known sound the most investment value of the top 50 enterprises in the title, cloud known sound CEO Huang Wei attended the meeting and award, press releases and with the Huang Wei award photos.

Tencent science and technology learned that the Huang Wei formally served as CEO, and after the grand departure from the prohibition of non competition agreement lifted. "This year, the rapid growth of cloud known sound, is closely related with Huang Wei behind the scenes manipulator." The above said.

in October this year, confirmed the completion of cloud known sound Qiming A round of financing, the amount of 100 million yuan, at this time, cloud known sound company was founded just 500 days. Cloud known sound fame has attracted the industry’s attention to it, and Huang Wei also pull the cloud known sound contact: "Huang Wei not face the founder of the company, and is more in private relationship cloud known sound. Although there is no definite evidence to show the relationship between the two, but in fact inextricably linked, both go very close." A person familiar with the matter said.

how to lay the foundation for

cloud known sound speech recognition is experiencing a hidden high-rise structure.

? As leader in the field of speech recognition, he first worked at Motorola and Shanda Innovation Institute, established the grand innovation hospital speech branch, with the overall grand strategy adjustments, he left to choose entrepreneurship in 2012.

Tencent technology Zong Xiuqian reported December 20th

The official website of the side

remember many webmaster asked me the same question, why my site will not develop, why not flow, I also optimized the SEO keyword, also often according to many webmaster experience to promotion, is not ideal? This problem is more serious as many webmaster face confusion! I can tell you a certain fact in your website promotion before did not do a solid foundation work, what is the basic work of solid and the promotion? What? The first is the choice of this website, I have published similar articles, have a good after selecting, we began to lay the foundation for our promotion, to lay a good foundation conditions to promote the

"Huang Wei finally came back, and finally walked from behind the scenes to the front desk". A speech recognition industry people sigh with emotion.

Who is Huang Wei

as a startup, cloud known sound of a year of growth obvious to people. "In the field of speech recognition, sh419 has made more than a year, also made a" cloud known sound

to the outside world, this seems to be an airborne adjustment. In the speech recognition industry insider seems to be the core of the speech recognition industry regression.


although many users do a website, but do not know how to promote, and others to pay effort but no good returns, always feel that others made himself a failure! But I can tell you a little proud at the same time for you, today you succeed, because you created your website, no matter how successful your website after all set up, this isn’t a success? You have taken the first step to success, as long as you choose the right direction and I think you must be more outstanding in Yangtze River, bring forth the new through the old, eternal truth! I want to talk about is how do we go to their website to let more users to accept and allow you to gain.

this arrangement, informed sources said, Huang Wei is more familiar with the capital side, it is easier to control the overall situation. Liang Jiaen is a typical technical talent, focusing on technology is more suitable. "In the grand innovation hospital, Huang Wei is Liang Jiaen’s leadership, entrepreneurship after Liang Jiaen as CEO, Huang Wei behind the scenes.". After the conditions permit, Huang Wei walked to the front desk, which went smoothly."


‘s argument for Huang Wei’s business is different. Grand innovation hospital staff said that Huang Wei is the senior grand innovation hospital in the first left Innovation Institute, he founded the cloud known sound. But before this, cloud known sound official denied that Huang Wei in this team.

Star startups effort!

second: many of our webmaster in site basically not what content or whatever data it promotion, I hope you do not use this method, I collected no objection, but how to collect good content is the key, you need to go to the multi site audit collection, do not watch this station he put all the classification to be the same and put all his collection, that way is not desirable, one is faced with the search engine K is a you, others see you like other stations also did not feel what is fresh, others will not come to your station, general.

Tencent technology exclusively learned that the cloud known sound CEO Liang Jia no longer serve as well as CEO, responsible for the technical field of focus. CEO company by Huang Wei, took office more than a week already.

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