6 Aug

Lei Jun’s investment philosophy investors God helps those who help themselves Magic girl Wang Kaixi

, on October’s last day, Wang Kaixin, who was a long time ago, received an interview with the Southern Metropolis daily. In her description, the magic department store is not "bankrupt", but in September she was "voluntarily abandoned", its operating body big explosion technology companies still exist. As a result, there has been a media show "magical department store move" layoffs tide".


Lei Jun once said: "in all investment companies, I play their friends, mainly to help, I am not the actual controller, they just Lei Jun’s circle of friends, not Lei Jun department."." Lei Jun’s direction for the development of enterprises, believe in "only the founder of the most understanding of their own business" principle, so never to the identity of investors, entrepreneurs dictate.

products were abandoned, the company is about to be acquired, the new entrepreneur in two years after the start-up, handed over a miserable answer. The Department for the magical "collapse", Wang Kaixin did not behave as speculation so embarrassed, she didn’t even admit that this is a failure, "it has created value to customers, and now the brand value is also good."


happy times is on the NASDAQ listed, Lei Jun is Li Xueling’s noble


said why Shun Lei Jun, said: "I need a professional team to help me manage my investment, many investors also want me to help them with their money, I also need to finance investment projects in the process of growing up, Shun some LP for directly or indirectly to cast off my project, they I have always wanted to set up a fund to help them manage money."


less than 50 days in mid September in her birthday, after creating by Wang Kaixin a magic department, a series of layoffs almost exhausted, including company executives, employees and Wang Kaixin’s "tear force" rights pay talks farce staged. In October, after repaying off the last group of employees, the magic department in great mansion on the point of collapse.

denies passive "bankruptcy", in fact, active "abandon"

in venture capital circles, venture projects failed cases are common, while the decline of magic department store has ushered in a lot of attention.

Lei Jun, one of China’s most successful investors,


, who has just completed her 18 year old adult ceremony, Wang Kai, has tasted the bitter taste of the adult world in the past two months.

Lei Jun investment, basically divided into angel and fund two parts. Early to do angel, Lei Jun to recognize acquaintances based. In the later period, Lei Jun at the end of October 2011 established the $225 million venture capital fund, along for the fund, to expand the scope of investment and layout. Lei Jun investment principle is to help is not chaos, not without. His core is to see people, to see people, to see the ability, the background, the degree of trust.

as investors, Lei Jun’s most successful investment case is the era of togetherness. In November 2012, the happy gathering time was successfully listed on the NASDAQ of the United States, and Lei Jun’s 1 million dollar angel investment obtained 280 times return in 7 years. In addition, Lei Jun also invested every guest, Kara, UC, street network, the Great Wall, will see more than 20 fast innovation enterprises etc..


Lei Jun also said that his early "I do things more confident, always think that smart and diligence invincible, always think that as long as their efforts can do anything, then to forty years of age or feel ability is limited, each person’s ability is limited, to realize the flow." 2011, Lei Jun established the angel investment fund: the fund along with the trend of.


as to the operation of the magic department store, Shenzhen Explosion Technology Co., Ltd. whereabouts, Wang Kaixin revealed that the company is still in normal operation, and will soon be acquired. After the Big Bang company was acquired, will be responsible for other electricity supplier departments, and will make some adjustments, but she has no great relationship with me.


Lei Jun, Chinese is one of the most successful investor Lei Jun said: "my occupation career is divided into three blocks: A, Jinshan, including joyo; two, in 2007 more than three years of investment from Jinshan after retirement, do full-time three years of angel investment; founded three, millet began in mid 2010."

however, contrary to Wang Kaixin’s "calm", the angel investor of magic department, Shenzhen innovation Valley CEO Zhu Bo, has repeatedly changed the face of Wang Kaixin and magic department store". In early October, said Zhu Bo accept the "interface" interview, "had the magic on the death list department." In October 26th, Zhu Bo once again through the whole process of "entrepreneur" at the magic department from the creation of failure, although sincere words, by the netizen comments as "called" break up "after the circle of friends to the relatives and friends".

Lei Jun, once in an open event, >

– "Southern Metropolis Daily" reported on Wang Kaixin.

on the last day of October, Wang Kaixin’s public statements confirmed the failure of the magic department store. For the magic Department of the "premature death", Wang Kaixin did not behave as if the speculation is so embarrassed, she does not even admit that this is a failure. So, what’s the real situation,

Lei Jun investment target

from the magic "birth" to today’s "premature", why was the founder of the Department of magical give up? And the founder of different attitude, and why investors quickly from

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