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cock wire is a kind of temperament

, I looked at Yong Qi again. I’ve known him for years. When he first saw him, he was Global IELTS CEO. He was tall, handsome, and wearing a suit. He felt very smart. His company’s name is "Global IELTS", you see more tall. But today he wore a T-shirt, the design is children’s toys or Transformers, I found that he also began to have cock silk temperament in the past two years. After asking, I knew he was starting his own business again.

of grass root quality? I just looked at it, learn Ling sitting on a stool, fat, leg in a leisurely back, talk about the Internet education, I think he is the grass root temperament, no matter how much money he had, how much of the company. He did when we saw seven or eight years ago, there is a grass root between the feeling of Freemasonry. I think if I was ten years older than he was seven or eight years ago, I would have invested him. Why? Because I can feel him standing among the user to understand the user, and understand the user’s cock silk temperament, this temperament still exists today.

What is the

97 years, my family moved out from the countryside, from then on to rent a house. 98 years, my parents went to Dalian, and I live in my aunt’s residence, that is, 2 and a half years until graduation from primary school. 00 years, I came to my parents’ place to live in junior high school, they rely on a small business to maintain life. From dawn to dusk, a lot of bad crime. 06 years, I was admitted to the university. The environment in the university is much better than that in my family. I am very happy. Parents also go to work. By the end of 08, I was looking for work, economic crisis, no work experience, no one wanted it. Since I left the countryside, I have not lived in more than 20 square meters of houses, I have moved 8 times, my parents moved how many times not clear, they are too tired, I want to buy them color TV, buy a house. I’ll be looking for a job after the year. I’m sure I can do it. I’m sure I can make it!

I just like the two of them had a chat, ask them, what makes them still maintained a grass root entrepreneurial state? Learn Ling said, why don’t we wear a suit? Because wearing a suit is the work of bank customer manager, selling insurance, or government agencies who. But once it becomes a cock, it becomes a user and goes to the user

one of my little wishes: take the first salary and buy a color TV at home. It’s hard to imagine who’s still watching black and white TV, and I’m telling you, my family is watching black and white TV now.

I just saw Li Xueling YY voice founder and Zhang Yongqi Global World Education Technology Group CEO on the stage PK, I looked at the following, I think it is particularly interesting.

May 21st, 2014 innovation China • NEXT in Beijing Shangri-La Hotel, an investor and young entrepreneurs will be staged again. Angel investor Dai Zhikang delivered a speech, "why I love grass root entrepreneurs" grass root complex blew himself, and the interpretation of the grass root temperament in his eyes: zhuangbility, shameless, do not give up, not afraid to lose.

I’m really interested in the word "cock wire". When the word "first day" appeared on the Internet, I patted my lap and thought, "isn’t this me?". Because I have done cock wire, I also have the temperament of cock wire, and I will continue. Whether successful or failed, it is a very good entrepreneurial temperament.

the following text according to Dai Zhikang’s speech site record, without my confirmation:


does not mean how much money you have or how much you feel bitter, but that you have a cock temperament.

07 years, met noble, let me learn web site production. In early 08, don’t cheat n times, finally buy space domain name on a web site. In early 08 -08, I was doing shlf1314 Adsense do Ali mom, GG a penny didn’t get, Ali mother got hundreds of fast money. By the end of 08, I was going to graduate soon, the server stopped, the website closed, and my heart was cold. By now, the university graduate, the economic crisis, the work can not be found, the site can not be maintained, he was late. It’s almost the new year, and gone home. After the year, ready to go back to work hard,


to see the country to this topic, I am particularly happy, is "why I like cock silk entrepreneurs", because I myself is a cock wire. So, in the process of entrepreneurship, I always have a special feeling about cock wire.

is in a bad mood and writes comfortable and comfortable. I don’t expect others to pity me, but give my little brother some support.

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