5 Aug

Hualong Xiang Qian Yu dislocation competition local sites will be taking over O2O

    O2O; the illusion that the blue ocean of local services is not in the universal service

may be the large inertia of thinking, Chinese Internet law is the size of the user is king, fantastic wealth myth is the BTA level platform company. Public comment, the U.S. group, the 58 city has become almost synonymous with O2O, because it has a huge user coverage, "and" living "idle away in seeking pleasure", Tintin, velo to investors say the story can’t escape the formation of online shops closed to consumer business, take the world.

from my 7 years of local life service web site practice, we see before us is only the tip of O2O iceberg. Internet and traditional industries more depth of integration and high premium, has just lifted the tip of the iceberg.

first look at the real data, Jiangsu city economy the top five Changzhou only on the three line of the city, all media advertising market is estimated every year more than 1 billion 500 million, and the number is increasing year by year, of which nearly 1 billion 400 million traditional media (TV station about 600 million newspapers, about 300 million), all new media estimated total of not more than 200 million. Most of these ads from real estate, automobile, decoration, and other large financial and healthy living consumption, even if the entertainment industry all of the marketing costs are scored in total group purchase is only a drop in the bucket. In summary, all the money is spent in the service industry, but not the frequent consumption of shops along the street, although the advertising industry can not represent O2O, but advertising is the most extensive ring in marketing, the Internet can be efficiently solved if the ring is naturally transformed with O2O value.

this is a vast blue ocean

that has not been seen

use a meal ticket, group purchase 30 yuan, will encounter different service attitude, the renovation of a 100 square house, a total spend 200 thousand, didn’t even blink, developers sell a house of 2 million, consumers share marketing costs is 3%, compared to these services from which to extract the service value of more space


look back, the U.S. group, the majority of users of public comment concentrated in the big city, the total business accounted for half of the country, but north, up, wide and deep, compared with the national market, accounting for the proportion is still very small.

Internet industry may not understand that a real estate marketing costs often up to ten million, a decoration company marketing costs are also million a year. While complaining about the low ratings of local television channels, the newspaper was no one watching, but still had to resort to advertising to open the market. With the increase in the number of media, the cost of marketing for traditional enterprises is increasing, while consumers are too dispersed in their consumption attention, and even no longer believe in advertising.

behind this marketing mess is a huge opportunity.

local web services

O2O deep rigid baton

because it can’t scale, >

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