5 Aug

A sophomore Wangzhuan experience continued

after the last "a sophomore Wangzhuan experience" after a long time not to write articles on the A5, is busy with their own website to. Well, I finally have the time to do it and share it with you today. Of course, I am only a very small China many webmaster a very small, not successful, did not earn what money is not what senior technology, just rely on their own unremitting efforts, with the help of a friend, finally in the last month for the first time to achieve profitability, although only a few of the more than 100 knife. But after all is so hard for a long time, so a little bit of feeling, just write out to share with you.

I do just a very ordinary small literature site, youth literature website, more suitable for junior high school students, college students and other youth literature of interested people, then I compare space and domain name are in Taobao buy online, cheap, safety is also very good, at least I used now what is basically no problem, I in the asp online download source, and friends for a long time, and then go to the space, the first few days is to Baidu Post Bar, a whoop and a holler, literary forum propaganda, because I also love youth literature, plus a lot of literature, is also the administrator, in the group message, and soon many students come to see, because the user can register their own journal published an article, so the problem to update the site very good solution, just need to edit their own trial The nuclear article, then I will then in the group sent a message to ask some friends to help review articles, a week later, Baidu and Google are normally included, at the beginning of the maximum daily traffic is more than 1000, every day there are a lot of new articles for publication here, everyone is young, who is strong, most are happy to see her article published, as published in the book, it will take the initiative to regularly visit the website, so no other pop ads on my site, and some attractive advertising, hang Google ads, so it looks relatively clean.

at first I would like to have a IT computer, the web site, but when a friend found that now people understand the computer, the Internet will more in-depth people click on Google ads, I never click on others on the website of Google Advertising, because you know that Google advertising. So all you have to do is to find out which users are more likely to click ads. Now students, especially high school students are very easy to click on ads, after all, babe. Therefore, we must do your website to consider what your site is suitable for people to see, if you want to rely solely on Google Advertising to make money more in-depth study, after all, only the more clicks, you can earn more.

above is a little bit of my personal experience and opinions. Communicate only with each other. Welcome criticism, correct me. Original article, if you need to reprint, please note the address.

address in this article, July blog, http://s.www.qiyuebl>

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