5 Aug

Boring is not boring Look at the development model of Thai boring community

in ordinary Internet users psychology, most people just because of boredom just to pass the time online, in the BBS to browse other people’s post, share the mood of others, is a kind of kill time, relax. At leisure, to discuss the current hot spots, laugh gossip news, share anecdotes, time on the Internet slowly away.

website, especially local community forums, it is necessary to grasp the user’s psychology, and how to show the user the most relaxed and pleasant community environment, is to retain users, increase the viscosity of the fundamental.

Thai boring community http://s.bbs.t56.net/ is the first community forum in Taizhou. Since its establishment in 2004, it has experienced 5 years of development and has a high reputation in the local community. At present, 150 thousand registered users of the forum, posted on around 10 thousand, although the number of posts, but the post of high quality, original essence accounted for 80% of the number of stick. Thai boring community, although taken from "too boring" homonym, but with "no boring" way, guide users to pass the boring time.

1 localized local, spread local hot news.

each local community forum is located in the local, discuss local hot news, some communities grasp the good, some of the relatively poor grasp. Some communities create a good discussion atmosphere, and some communities lack it. An excellent community with a reputation among local netizens undoubtedly has these characteristics. So is the Thai boring community. Guide users to discuss current hot news, provide news, share information.

during this time, the community discussion of the most intense posts, no doubt about the "traffic police top sister running a mile" news. Between the police and the elder sister is wrong, the user is analyzed in people’s eyes and thinking, each one airs his own views. For the news itself, the right and wrong, naturally there is legal judgment, but the thinking behind the event, but caused a great deal of thinking users. User discussion is very intense and the discussion atmosphere is very good. This is a powerful guide for the early stage of the community. Localization, dissemination of hot news, community positioning from the beginning should pay attention to guidance, late development is not difficult.

2, to solve user problems posted, do a good job of communication.


community is a platform for communication, where users publish news and express their views. Although the community is not the media, but only third party exchange platform, but if you can face up to the user problems, indeed from the interests of users, solve problems, will be more sincere support of users. Thai bored community, after seeing the user reflects the problem, the first time contact the post and the incident parties, mediation between the two sides of the conflict, to solve the problem. This proactive attitude is well worth learning.

any community, as long as it can effectively solve user problems, will certainly be recognized. If the user can solve the problem every time he releases the problem, it can increase the user’s trust and influence in the user. Users are the key to community development

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