3 Aug

The company website to sell Links harm analysis

quoted Xiao Shenyang: "what is good?" I think, ha ha ~ ~ ~ is someone else’s wall quickly collapsed, although I can not afford to help up, but we do not push is a kind. When there are people eating porridge ~ ~ ~ ha ha ~ ~ we eat meat, although I don’t have the ability to give people a piece of meat, but I try not BIA Ji mouth, is also a good ha! Look at others do Links by K, we don’t have the ability to help, but we don’t steal to smile, this is a good


, GOOGLE, PR drop right, in fact, can be short, sometimes, one would like to sleep with the same. Eyes closed, a earn, PR drop right, howl ~ eyes closed, do not earn, PR is 0, howl ~ webmaster, the most painful thing, you know what is it? Stand alive, money did not earn (Liao). Do you know what’s the most painful thing about the station? It’s standing, PR is gone. Many webmaster in know and don’t know the circumstances, have sold their hand links, but the sale of links harm everybody clear? The harm is yes, and very terrible. Now let us know what happened to us, the lessons of blood,


one, so that their original rankings dropped by

I have done more than two years of the station: college entrance examination home, keyword ranking is good, Baidu and GG, YAHOO all included, last year to PR5. I was excited until the beginning of six this year. One day, a buddy broke into QQ and told me, "dude, do you sell links? I didn’t know that at all.". So call. In 30 dollars for 1 months and attacking each other under the honesty. I sold the first link and earned a little of it myself. In order to earn more. I started selling them at the big forums.

about a week or so, I sold around 15 links, sold for 30 to 35 dollars. And in my own observation. Baidu snapshot began to become more and more abnormal. Sometimes it’s 15 days apart from the snapshot of the day. My key words are in the first page of the college entrance examination, and the flow is good. In half a month, it all falls to page second or page N. And the GOOGLE side, the amount dropped from 20000+ to about 11000. You can check my station. Now has been ranked Baidu finishing specialist, ah, old younger sister you say this is why? Why?


two, there is a great possibility to make your PR zero or drop

sold the link to its twelfth year, and today the PR dropped from 5 to 3, when I was scared, scared and scared. OMG, this case really! Later found the webmaster site on sale link from GOOGLE PR down or enter the sandbox of punishment is not but a hard fact It is sheer fiction.. I don’t think these are the things that everyone wants to do. They work hard and stand up and raise PR. That’s why I lost it. I want to ask, how much money did you make? The reality is: sell!

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