3 Aug

Do station should pay attention to small station also can make big money

just in the webmaster experience edition saw two articles, see after feeling, here to send an article, should be like some of my new entry webmaster has very big help.

written before, to tell a story, said that in Japan there is a very famous Seven Bu Fang, opened a hundred years, is made up of several generations, and later to the country’s largest, it was advised that now you are very famous, there is no thought do some other business, the boss said, no, our seven Bu Fang can do this point today, is made up of several generations, why we seven decades can not lose color cloth, because we have been doing this thing, is seven cloth. We have only one thing to do all our lives, so we can do our best.

the same is true of our station. As the saying goes, "three hundred and sixty lines make the best", no matter what the station is, as long as we focus. We’ll do well when we spend our time on research. It’s like a very simple website like HAO123. Although it’s been bought, the owner still makes a lot of money. Not necessarily simple things do not earn money, as long as we work hard.

, let’s talk about how to make money.

is what I’ve just read. It’s about using your resources. Yes, money is on your side. As long as you can think of it. This is a vision and ideas of the problem. If our eyes are always focused on the flow, the advertising alliance, that can earn a little bit more money, take my car website for example,

makes a lot of junk. Don’t laugh at me after all. Oh, just a few hundred IP a day. If you just stare at the advertising League, you’ll make a cigarette a month. And do car related advertising alliance, but I put the site as a car group buying, not quite the same.

car buying, I will get a car purchase intention of customers, I can have the intention to purchase customers at no less than 10 of the price to sell car companies to make money. But if I go to the car store and ask for a car to earn a commission on the sale of the car, I don’t think it’s 10 yuan. In fact, the website wants to make money, not necessarily have to advertise, there are many kinds of ways to earn money, so we explore.

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