3 Aug

SiteServer Bai Pao Reflections on government websites

since the Internet industry in the domestic development, all kinds of websites have mushroomed grow up. Local governments, serving as functional departments for the people, have also set up websites for communicating with the masses. Since the rise of the government portal, the books and papers on the positioning of government websites have not been interrupted. With the large-scale completion of the government portal website, the different needs of government websites and the specific functions of government departments have made the positioning of government websites constantly diversified and complicated.

SiteServer CMS for six years for the government to do the project site experience shows that three modules of government website information disclosure: at present the most conventional (or open), online service (or online service), communication (or public participation, political interaction). And these three functions have gradually been recognized by the experts in the field, and are being followed by more and more governments. But from the positioning itself, we should clearly see that there are some vague concepts in these three functions, which need to be explored and analyzed. Such as "information public" is different from "open" online service in "service" and "service" is different, "interaction" and "public participation" there are obviously different way.

now, with the further development of websites, especially the extensive construction of local government portal and continued investment, local governments tend to be constrained by requirements of indicators and assessment, resulting in thousands of network side, similar sites, to a certain extent hinder the exploration, innovation and practice of local government portal website, so it is necessary to further discussion on the positioning of the site in theory.

Chinese people’s Government of Rizhao City (http://s.www.rizhao.gov.cn) is the website implemented by SiteServer CMS for the people’s Government of Rizhao City. Open the site, see the navigation bar, there are "into sunshine", "window of government", "information disclosure", "online work", "interactive interaction" and other columns. As can be seen, the goals of the Rizhao City government website are: first, the platform for external publicity; two is the platform for internal staff; three is to provide basic services to the people at the grassroots level; and four is the interaction between the government and the people. Obviously, the structure and positioning are very clear, and the column structure is very clear, reflecting the structure and function of the portal as a government website.

analysis of the majority of government websites, found that many government websites are not precise positioning. And the government website as the window of the government in the Internet world, is the intersection of our government reform and administrative innovation, and has become the value benchmark of our government website development. Now, the operation force, government staff on the website of the innovation, technology has to be improved, especially when the government has a unique administrative concept, but also need the government website with appropriate diversification, professional attributes. At this time, the government website has a correct position is extremely important, summed up in recent years to accommodate thousands of domains in the government portal website construction project experience and profound thinking over the years. "

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