2 Aug

make template experience

saw all kinds of articles written by everyone and felt very much. As a new person, write some experiences about making templates.

, first of all, to say that I have skills: only HTML, can see CSS, can change. Other basic will not.

has always wanted to be a collection of awards events (www.2jiang.com), a lot of templates online. But I don’t think it’s good for me. Want to get a super concise template, to bring useful information to users is the most important, I think. Now do this template, statement not my original. It’s imitation of someone else’s.. First, go shopping on the Internet and find some good templates. Found a station with this template, and first of all, do some analysis. The station hardly ever uses pictures. It’s DIV+CSS’s.. It should be done. Now let me guess whether the station is a ASP program or a PHP program. Judging from the login of some basic programs, it was not found. Simple view of the source code, but also found that there is a line below. The imperial procedure is estimated.

I’ve used DEDECMS myself. Once used a template, will change. It is copied by other templates.

the first step, download the code. Do not use the file when downloading — save as. With view – – source code, save. The advantages of doing so do not say much. Here’s the CSS file too.

second step: delete the original code that does not need to be used. Generic code with DEDE. Debug, modify.

summary: learning templates, first make some templates that don’t need too many pictures. It’s good for your study, high level, and complicated. Do not have to do, at least understand the code of others. (before you change it, you must copy one, and you can return it later.)

this template is available for download at the DEDECMS official forum: http://s.bbs.dedecms.com/read.php, tid=54980, and included in the template download. There are problems to use, but also in the paste consultation.

starting (behind the times, ADMIN5)

links plus QQ:120012775 (this site has not been included, but this domain name has a long history, registered under the check)

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