2 Aug

Analysis of the program and the cost of not knowing the technology

network has now become a huge communication platform, in a sense, has gone far beyond the traditional media, and become the main way of publicity and communication. Under such circumstances, the establishment of websites has become an indispensable means of publicity, promotion and introduction. In this case, the establishment of the website, has not a professional skills. Here to analyze, do not understand how to build technology, how to build your own site, and how about the cost?.

Analysis requires the establishment of the

first we need, in general do not understand the technology and website are generally: in order to satisfy the personal interests of personal website, small and medium-sized enterprises and regional comprehensive portal for the promotion of enterprise web site, online sales based online mall, small websites, music novel entertainment station.

The cost of the

site is basically three aspects: space, domain name, site program,

personal interest establishment, generally there is no great commercial purposes, many websites offer free BLOG, including some part of the source code can change the page to enhance the visual effects, such as popular in the university campus network, which can bring high traffic through the large site itself, at the same time he also eliminates the technical maintenance trouble, so if you just for fun, and does not intend to put too much effort, suggest using this way, of course, if you have higher requirements, a variety of ways can refer to the following.

small and medium enterprises building. In general, small and medium enterprises, in addition to industry professional and network related, separate network technical personnel will bring the cost of the waste, a network of technical personnel, even just graduated students, monthly salary is 1000 to 2000 yuan, in different regions is different, only to a website and maintenance that really is not worthwhile. In this case, the solution basically has the following:

ask a special web company or studio to build a website.

network companies generally provide one-stop services, as long as the payment, the provision of information, all other space, domain name, maintenance and other issues to be resolved. This is the simplest and the most expensive.

generally, static pages within 10, the regular company prices are about 1000 to 1500, a small studio 200 to 800, because the static page layout is simple, as long as the good, the price is expensive, anti vice versa. However, it’s very difficult to change the content of a static page later, and the network company or studio will provide some changes to the text or pictures, but once the pattern changes, the new fees will be re charged.

dynamic page because of the technology involved more, so the charge will be relatively high, large-scale company fees are generally 2000 to 4000 range, small studio in 800 to 2000 or so, individual will play 500 left

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