1 Aug

The most important thing to do is to persist

I am

from the contact site so far has been more than a year! This year ups and downs. Almost daily, a website for their own busy.

many times, I want to give up, like the people around me, Ann down to play games and watch movies, but every time it seems that there is improvement in the website, it really can not afford to heart.

just runs a half-dead website after a year, now only two of these sites, to tell the truth, this year I have not received an advertising alliance check, I have done a lot of ads, but no one more than the low amount of payment! (of course, this year is not always a deficit, the domain name and his knowledge of ASP earned a little money to buy virtual host.)

ADMIN5, left behind, looking at a cow * webmaster today tomorrow GG several tens of thousands of traffic I was very jealous of the knife, Xinhen why I was not so good website.

I asked a lot of people who were said to be very profitable. They told me to stick to it. The same answer made me no longer bother to ask. I felt that I was enough, but I didn’t get what I deserved..

once I want to put my a station to a special garbage station. A very familiar stationmaster gave me a me an address (http://s.zhenhan.org/html/11/23.html), speaking is not a hands youth to become the real events of God. I saw a motorcycle is very shocking, the owners told me

actually, it is very important to, like you more than a year did not make many people. Those characters in the famous which is not always adhere to the present, those with them not insist people have exited the market.


of words did not impress me, but that no arm cheshen makes me ashamed. So I put the station to stay, and adhere to two months, traffic was very slow growth, GG also included in growth, I saw the dawn of the check.~~~ oh

really, insist on is really important, no arm cheshen thanks to the webmaster and that makes me ashamed of


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