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Traditional education into the online education O2O must pass six pits


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as the upstart O2O model, from the bland, the hot air, and is the traditional industry consensus is that the straw model. Moreover, in a very short period of time, the seats transferred to restaurants, mother and baby, home, finance, marriage and other industries, as a member of the traditional structure, the education industry is spared,

100 Education issued, marking the new signal education mode on the old war began, with the Internet thinking skin, a time of traditional education institutions panic, but pull them into the Abyss: once unheard of platform, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like Mount looks not clear, uncertain and worrying mood diffuse in Education over the lingering. But since learning high education, high-profile access to online education O2O, from it, the traditional institutions like to find a help grass, firmly grasp the online education O2O. But so far, there hasn’t been a product that has surprised students. Online education O2O has become a mirror flower in the water. However, from a reform point of view, online education O2O is a just right model, the traditional educational institutions to provide a safe path to the Internet transformation. In order to do online education O2O, then we must first understand and understand, and we first from the real online education O2O will have what pit, this proposition began to discuss the future of online education O2O.

traditional educational institutions into the online education O2O, then it will inevitably encounter the following six big pit:

Pit 1: gray zone, pedal two boats,

well, under the Internet, the education sector is divided into: traditional (generally referred to as offline) and online educational institutions, but also breeding a gray area: online education O2O. It is between the online and offline resources, call the line, to achieve coordination and cooperation mode, and for now, refers to the development of the traditional call mechanism model, does not belong to this field of pure online educational institutions.

mentioned another gray, followed by wandering, because the image of the importance of. In the face of this form of education, the traditional institutional change is extremely tangled, do not change, is dead, while reluctant to give up the traditional interest, and rush into a short-term obviously difficult to profit model, but also can not open up. The occasion, is the traditional mechanism of proud means, both want to create a positive image of the reform, to maintain the traditional image, is not much good to say is: when the bitch torii

online education not only allows advisory services to change, but also to the education system to bring about the problem of transformation. Otherwise, there will be no national team of Hui college, and recently, vocational education has become a hot topic, education industry vitality. Only one learning and thinking, Yu Minhong has only one chance, with the courage to throw the helve after the hatchet reform institutions, embrace the Internet, gradually unloaded his heavy traditional burden to the light of enterprise transformation, is said to be a success, only dare to go to the gray area, go to the warriors.

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