1 Aug

New webmaster talk about the optimization of picture station

has been with A5 for some time, but this is my first time in A5. Through the study here for a period of time, but also mastered a little bit of skill in doing a web site. I’ll share it with you today.

in Baidu search site optimization will come out a lot of articles, but I found a picture of how to optimize the station is not a lot, because recently made a picture stand, so some pictures about recent research station optimization things. Summed up a few aspects:

one, the ALT tag of the picture, this is the most important thing, because the spider doesn’t know the picture, so you have to use the ALT tag to tell the spider what your picture is about. For example, a picture of a lady can be written as alt=" miss ".

two, the title of the picture, this is almost the same as alt. It’s all about spiders. What do you mean by pictures?.

three, pictures around the text has been proved by practice, in the picture around to add some explanatory text, than a single picture is more conducive to search engine crawl. So you can add some explanatory text with the keyword at the top or below.

four, the name of the picture. Some of the CMS images now uploaded are in the format of 20090720199xxx.jpg, and if you have the ability to modify the source code, change the uploaded file name to the image. For example, you upload a picture of Li Si, the name of the picture is best to use lisi.jpg, such a picture will have a better ranking. I don’t believe you can go to Baidu to study it.

five, the name of the page for the link picture. The principle is almost the same as the fourth one.

six, external links. There’s no need to say more about it. Just like regular websites.

myself, Miss station network (http://s.www.xiaojie520.com) hope to communicate with A5’s friends and make progress together,


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