1 Aug

Reflect on why do you do Taobao customers do not make money

know that many senior or Taobao customer strongman earning several thousand or even tens of thousands, he is very excited but also very confused. Excited is that Taobao can do guest posts easily earning thousands, than for others to work well when the webmaster is strong. Confused, every day, knowing that other people make so much money, their own Taobao income is very poor. What is the reason? Are they highly intelligent animals, and we are not? I think I can make so much money, not others, but our ignorance.

below, let’s look at a case:

Xiao Liu is a network manager of a shoe factory, responsible for computer maintenance and maintenance of the company’s website. Although the job is more relaxed, but the salary is only 1500 a month, so Xiao Liu wants to make some money from other aspects. A few days ago, Liu read a news "online postings do shopping guide in the newspaper, easily earning million" thrilled him. So he decided to devote himself to the Taobao army.

was a very nice person when he was little Liu Ping, and he had a reputation for popularity in the company. So the Liu decided to promote contacts, usually he can help others buy things, because others do not own Alipay, then did not pay special attention to what Taobao guest. Since he joined the Taobao army, he has become less aggressive.

first, after he got the promo code, he sent QQ messages to all his classmates, friends and colleagues and recommended them in his own QQ space. Not long after, some of the female colleagues to find him on behalf of the purchase of a more than 200 clothes, he got more than 50 Commission, so that he was excited all night.

, after more than a month of publicity, also earning about 300 in amoy. But second months in good times don’t last long, less than 100 of the commission. Liu thought, he used the promotion is more than 200 people, just promoted they will buy, but for a long time, orders are slowly reduced.

then, Xiao Liu decided to promote the publicity target. Go to Baidu Post Bar, forums, QQ group, the large advertising platform renren.com, a world half-dead tired, but almost no what effect. He felt the online guest people more difficult than their friends to buy presents, slowly heart cold.

a month went by, and Xiao Liu was unable to get into it again. He was disappointed again. In desperation, to Taobao guest forum about their experience, hope can cause everyone resonance, and learn some methods. Coincidentally, once he met in the forum "soft" this term, know that you can not simply send advertising, we must learn to integrate advertising in the article, this is the marketing approach.

Liu, decided to practice closed for half a month, a comprehensive study to the predecessors of Taobao customers. He carefully read the other thousand skills, then after thinking found are the following:


1. SEO experts tao. They set up a website with Taobao code, so a simple site was completed, and then in Baidu >

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