1 Aug

Now personal Adsense what do regular station

saw a man DEDE jar made the post, said he is a garbage station, hand also has hundreds of garbage station, work is three by the computer does not stop acquisition, then sell traffic, buy traffic, cheat click, also said that Ali mother cheated, a month send thousands of RMB to him.

said he has dozens of QQ, there are seven vest in Admin5, specifically to sell some to leave the back door of the source, to others a little bit flow after recovered, so he can not stop the cheat click, RMB, also too small days free from restraint


can be like I want to do regular station webmaster,


www.sj6.cn, I’ve been at this station for months, and now it’s only twenty IP a day.

, can you say that my station is irregular? A few million data, most of the data are designers, advertisers can use.

I used another domain name at this station, and then changed to that domain name.

Baidu when the highest included my 4093, and now K to 0, I don’t know, why he K, and I wrote dozens of original, this is to do regular station results?

personal webmaster, the most important thing is to write original, in-depth understanding of the characteristics of their own website industry, you write something really useful, but the problem is, you are a new webmaster, your hair is original after the old webmaster took over, they posted on their website, early weight after you, your original actually became his original, so your original hair with No.

personal Adsense? In fact, is a person, where do you go so many original articles? Yes, only to engage in pseudo original. These tricks have been going well for two years. Now, do you have any wool?.

personal webmaster, you are doomed to be unable to do, in the immediate environment, you only have to do with a group of people to do a website, otherwise, you might as well envy the life of garbage master.

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