1 Aug

No money no technology how should the webmaster operate the website two

a few days ago, issued respectively in stationmaster net, China stationmaster "no money no, webmaster should how to operate the site (a)" (hereinafter referred to as "one"), the article after the release, look at everyone’s comments, said writing also make a lot of friends, you can show it to everyone to share here, thank you, with your support today, have the courage to continue writing (two).

not all friends think that learning is a good thing, remember in stationmaster net comments that there are friends that you let everyone learn quickly, and did not say as a no money no technology webmaster how to operate the site! Put the friend who is not to say, a similar PS the friends of the people (harmless): one is not willing to learn, but also to the website operation good webmaster! There must be some webmaster friends will say, such a person, why should you care about him? To say so, but as a good writer to write to let all people are impressed the article, not like some manufacturers and advertising agencies (to just find a few change to make the flow)! So, today you should write what? You should write: let friends can not learn to operate the site, it is made to flow! < / P>

I don’t know whether the people who see the article are lazy or not think about it. They only know how to write the article as much as possible, so that the webmaster can do less work and study less. Some people will say: you don’t live in this poor white (the North: nonsense eight), you write an article you can work less, not to learn, but also to traffic? Of course, I do not have that ability, he said: you are not to make the flow? A: certainly not this will be the end of the chapter, explain the reasons above, into the text.

in one, we first analyzed the situation of the webmaster, and divided into four points to tell you how to operate the website, one said the four points are:

1., choose the right target.

2., do subtraction.

3. site to permanent station.

4., do website to study.

to sum up, no money, no technical webmaster to maintain three principles: choose the target, subtraction, protracted war!


to the three principles that have traffic? Can earn money? In fact, there are a lot of people and money to flow together, believe that the traffic will not flow to make money, do not make money, this is not inevitable, that is: the money flow and not directly proportional to the number of or to say: It differs from man to man.. So for the webmaster, not only to have the principle, of course the principle is to maintain, and don’t give up, on the basis of principles, but also has the skill, come today with some skills that business website:

one, from the update site skills, many people think that the update site, not copy and paste it, or that is to collect?. In fact, that’s right, right? But there’s a technical problem

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