31 Jul

We need more than just rankings

recently many customers complained to us, after their website to SEO, website become unrecognizable, brightly coloured. Of course, this is not difficult to understand, font bold, text, color, etc. are factors affecting the search engine rankings, no wonder there will be a lot of SEO companies simply put some enterprise website revision too miserable. There are a lot of SEO peers and I exchange a similar problem, not long ago, see a friend too horrible to look at site ranked in the first place a hot word, even in the first row, but the number of customers and even such a site is not too good, business or even from the brand? The perspective of transmission sites in the serious impact and damage to the company and brand image, click on the site is the higher the probability, the more serious injury.

a star comes out to meet Fans for ten minutes. Maybe he has made up for one or two hours in the background, so as to show the beauty of ten minutes, the stars know that it takes ten hours for the ten minutes. The website is a kind of virtual marketing, and the first visual impression of Internet users, such as the whole interface of the website, may directly decide whether or not he is willing to associate with your company. When we visit the first few websites that search, often have a lot of feeling, general website just aimed at one eye to shut, and the website with rich content, beautiful design, we can join even favorites.

when we design websites, we should consider both the corporate image and the friendliness of the search engine and the speed of the visit. One of my sites (www.y3web.com) although the ranking is not good, but the conversion rate is very high, good design is not garish website, good design, simple is a beautiful! Look at many well-known foreign companies website, although simple, but without losing the tolerance, which is the charm of visual art.

Y3 studio that sacrifice some rank and access speed, in exchange for a beautiful website, such as value! Ranking, access speed, the overall image of both sites and well coordinated, the value of


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