31 Jul

Sprocket commonly used in two modes blog chain wheel and station group sprocket analysis

optimization in SEO, the more high-end technology belongs to the technology chain, sprocket sprocket and the station is now generally divided into the blog in the form of two groups of chain wheel, but this two kinds of forms, both from the optimization results, or from the construction method still has a certain difference, two kinds of form can not be made one, and the blog to prevent the emergence of production chain, the problem of cheating, otherwise it is also easy to search engine shield, the author will analyze the characteristics of the two sprocket


blog sprocket mode and features


blog is mainly through the sprocket blog platform to form a chain wheel, while optimizing a website, this model has the advantages of simple operation method, as long as the free on every platform for free blog, you can begin to edit the content on the blog, the content and target station link, at the same time also to blog there are links to each other, forming a three-dimensional cross link network, this is the chain link mode


and the characteristics of blog sprocket is undoubtedly free, can expand more number, a lot of people do blog sprocket can do hundreds, have more to do with thousands of blogs, is mainly to win with the number of sprocket, so the number often determines the optimal results! And now many people think for the blog should not be in the same IP, otherwise it is very easy to be a search engine that is cheating, this view is biased, if the same IP link can not interact with each other, then a large site under the two level domain links are not considered cheating, so the same a IP blog also can become a member of the

blog sprocket!Mode and characteristics of chain wheel of

station group

standing group of sprocket, typically need to have the strength of the team to operate the station group, is named Incredibles there are many websites, the website should have independent domain name, IP and space, so they are more stations, more investment, investment will be a corresponding, usually a simple website to Wu Bai yuan. Visible if you want to do stand, tens of thousands should be willing to! Another station group method of operation to cumbersome, at least so many web site operators, not the grassroots webmaster one can do, at least have to have a team that can be


when the successful construction of stations, but also pay attention to the optimization of each site, of course there is no need to weight of each site optimization, but should be divided into three modes on the lower part of the site, to optimize to a higher weight, then the part is general, finally is the normal operation, anyway, is not what the law, then these sites began to gradually and the main site is a chain, at the same time between these stations site is linked to each other, regardless of the domain name and space do not allow search engines to find common traces, once they are judged to be cheating, the loss will be relatively heavy


visible station group is characterized by good results, high risk, difficult to operate, so many grassroots stations

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