31 Jul

Two times by Baidu K and again included experience

such as the title, my time is not long, half a year, but after the strong wind and big waves can be really big, before and after the two Baidu K out, the first time is about in January of this year, I was depressed, I was very hard to add content, saying I do stand at the early stage of that time the first 1000 are manually edit added, Baidu is afraid of that I don’t like my brother. Taking good brother, brother than Valley received, heard that post in the big BLOG, can be made quickly, so I was in Sohu BLOG made a few articles with a link to the article I stand, really work, two days will be included, at that time very happy, then I then the manual editing is added, the flow is also rising fast, a keyword that time can one day to 400 to IP, for the new station is very good, but also when the station half, so a day to 1000 IP days after about three months, suddenly a day, use Baidu Search 20molecules, no, Speechless, what did I do wrong? At that time almost weekly update a few articles, original and acquisition is about 5:5, do not know why, my friend said that maybe sometimes Baidu, like a week, then So, a week later, do not close, the past two weeks, or not, so anxious, find a friend to ask Baidu mail and phone, I have a classmate classmate working in Baidu, then contact her, she did not know, and then asked me to help me contact the web site, ask engineer when asked, feeling a friend’s good, about a few days later, a look at Baidu’s collection, which I’m sure Baidu and GG is not the same, GG is full of machines, Baidu is indeed artificial control, estimation of Baidu is also no way, we Chinese too strong, it is like playing against the robot and. Slowly the site has been included about 2000 pages, included in the GG have always been around 1800 in the flow of the station I rose up, but is not high, because our school is not the Internet, want to update the site, it is very difficult, almost a month has updated little more so, until a few days ago about June? Is that Baidu large-scale K station, I heard that Baidu machine is down more than N, the database is wrong, my station has not escaped is also K, then as if our group of friends is a lot of K, especially the new station until last week, I stood still by K way, because I am now the summer is updated every day, GG included is also steadily rising, but Baidu is free of charge, and then I thought to Baidu mail, I heard the work, send mail about fourth days, net The miracle is to stand close, only two pages, I stand: www.j2mehome.com (J2ME house) to now, do not know what the reason, but he is very happy, that prospect is good, we can look at Baidu, is currently only two pages, a friend said to I have been updated about a month on the line, is now trying to update. Through these two events, I find that as long as you do it carefully >

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