31 Jul

The growth of a grassroots webmaster

entered the station this circle has been 3 years, 06 years from their first time to buy a domain name, buy space, record, frame stand with FRONTPAGE, until now the skilled use of CMS, it is the blink of an eye.

at that time did not know what is the website, what is called optimization, when the game is hot, I think a lot of friends want to find a game site is very difficult. So he wants to build a dedicated web site navigation game for everyone, but it will also do not know what is web site, just feel interesting, then began a page to do, I remember Zhang made a total of more than 100 pages, and then all the links are a hand to do go, come to think of it is really funny, really admire you so good patience. So this site called "program" is actually a hundred pages I still have it in the mailbox.

site ready, and then remember to take a name for their station, specifically called what name will not say, otherwise there is AD suspicion. At that time, the word "SEO" didn’t really understand, but every page would have to put its website name. Very interesting is, Baidu and Google incredibly have received, of course, what keywords are my site name, may be handmade, can please to search engines.

then began a film career station, is that Marx movie system, only know that this stuff is not saving a page to do, can do the film yourself, actually it’s called CMS, a content management system. The next day is the non-stop search for movie resources on the network, a see right on your station, slowly began to pay attention to the forum, pay attention to the webmaster circle, to know what is what is called generalized optimization.

              made a little under the title of the site, actually began to flow up, from dozens of the original, to about 1000 after 2 months, the number is simply a big achievement for me this rookie webmaster. After learning to advertise on the site, when Ali mother’s approval of the film station is not so strict now, it is easy to pass the review, and very happy put the ad. Then what you have to do every day is to see how much money it is. It’s interesting. Although the traffic is not much, but a little Ali mother inside the count increased, heart is really beautiful! A month later, I applied for cash, and got the first advertising fee for my life: 53 yuan.

these 53 pieces of money, although not many, but very valuable, at least I do hard to stand back real money. For all those who have received the ad for the first time, this feeling is valuable, isn’t it,

?With the adjustment of the national policy,

has become more and more strict with piracy, and found that the movie station is not good enough, and now the film station is more like cattle

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