31 Jul

What will we do if the PR disappears

to tell you the truth, I was very upset when I heard that GG was going to cancel PR on line 16. Because I’ve been stretching my neck every 10 minutes for updates. This is the first time I’ve been fully prepared for an upgrade to PR. Before the PR rose to 3 words, are very natural to go up, did not deliberately go for it and make efforts. Because my home recently, in order to better transformation for the game media site, PR5 is necessary. So I deliberately changed a few PR5 site, and there is a high quality PR0 site (because it can rise to 5, and the chain on the 2). So, if you update PR, my site can rise at least a point, don’t believe everyone to see my site game pioneer (see its included quantity and the chain quantity). When PR3 is up, so the data isn’t half as good as it is now,

But with the

to spread the news, I suddenly have a confused feeling, I have to think if PR disappears, how do we will go to the station? PR existed for a long period of time, now do a website, a large variety of portal, small to every new webmaster. "PR" is not a standard of judgment. For example, you want to change the link with sina that two domain name, and if you are just a PR less than 5 of the site, they are generally not to exchange with you, I am because PR is not standard, often hit the wall. Although PR helpless. But you think about it, generally PR high site, if not known, nor is the 1-2 day of the site, this is the most common stationmaster a judge thinking, if there is no PR, we exchange links, how to judge the quality of a site, will also have the very big inconvenient. Because before how convenient, see you PR a few can consider can exchange with you, so I want to think, that before gradually fade out Alexa is not to fire again?. It is Sogou or Rank, will become people gradually pay more attention to


of course, if there is no PR, I also very angry, see some sites to include not included, to visit the amount of no access. Global ranking of millions. The poor is only a PR5, but also a proud look. To tell you the truth, if someone isn’t trying to punch PR. Who exchanges with your trash site?. I met a lot of these sites. So, GG cancels PR, and maybe that’s what these people do. Why? These people every day does not do stand, all through illegal means black some weight high site to a practice outside, or directly made dozens of sites, a group of the ancient scholars, PR update, PR also flew high, regardless of how the quality of the site, we think of these from A to Z just do that one to two sites of poor people, each update PR can only watch helplessly, also cannot not a happy thing.

of course, some people are more depressed, that is, those professional link providers, without PR, the impact on them is the biggest, although there are markets, because there are still many people in order to buy the link. But business is good

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