29 Jul

How did the Tencent penguin’s baby law grab 843 million users for 16 years

Abstract: in the worship of youth commercial society, 16 years in a row for the young people service products, how to seize the 843 million users? QQ monthly active users has reached 843 million in September, WeChat’s user login is 570 million. In addition, the Tencent empire’s two social products, together, consume an average of 29% of a person’s time per day.


"flower thousand bone" when the hit, Tang Daosheng also watched several episodes. The Tencent Inc’s senior executive vice president, director of QQ’s social network business group group, no matter how busy for some time to watch this TV play later, and even take the initiative to chase drama. He smiled and told us, and did not look very uncomfortable, but also suggested that colleagues can not see the opening of the barrage, "young people on a plot of the Tucao will make you feel more interesting."."

, the Mandarin is a bit of a mouthful of 70, will not miss any opportunity for young people to understand. Because Ma Huateng’s mission to him is to make sure that QQ is never abandoned by this community at any time. To some extent, it has already been done. This internet life’s most tenacious product has 16 years of history, is still the majority of 90, 00 after social first choice.

, it is also very profitable, Tencent is the most mature commercial sector. Especially since this year, QQ has done a lot of Space movie Xuanfa, with multiple QQ products linked together, so that the traditional development personnel online boduantui eye-opening. In September 24th, "ghost blows the lamp: nine layers of demon tower" QQ space exclusive premiere ceremony, on-line while watching more than 4 million people, the movie has the same name "sound week play", in penguin FM play more than 5 million 500 thousand. Most importantly, the user does not feel obligated to accept it.

seems that QQ is so successful that people almost forget what kind of trouble it used to be. Three years ago, the mobile wave hit, hand Q stagnation, the average daily login users only 100 million. What’s more, there is no sound attention to QQ, but the mobile terminal is simpler and better, and the WeChat stole the limelight. But no one thought of it. In the shadow of the glowing WeChat, QQ managed to take a more than one year counter attack.

has a set of numbers, and you probably don’t know. QQ has 843 million monthly active users, compared with 570 million in September for WeChat. In addition, the Tencent empire’s two social products, together, consume an average of 29% of a person’s time per day. So there must be many people who are both WeChat users and QQ.

since then, many people have begun to wonder about the history of the ashes from the low tide, and QQ executives have never been concerned about the organizational deconstruction and order reconstruction experienced by the Tencent. In their view, it is not only the QQ ashes, looking at the Internet too few people have this experience experience. The "China enterprises"

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