28 Jul

How did make it at the garbage station

access to the Internet for a long time, but the real beginning sites or in 2004, at that time is to do an industry BBS, because at that time the popular, but will not learn these things, hastily do for a while to give up, not to their own knowledge of the industry, mainly is the lack of experience for the website operation. And that is engaged in technology, technology is all about the people think, want to come now, not success is inevitable. By the end of 2005 began to interested in the domain name, then try to engage in the.COM domain name is COM, that is the kingly way, the other is fit, then CN three letters or easily accessible, and not expensive, but it felt disdain, no future, think about your eyes really is poor life now, but after a detour, but also to experience slowly, with its own domain name has increased, do stand desire began to swell, the impulse and the first completely different, this is to combine their own domain name to do stand, especially in the past two years has been successful experience preschool children, they learn how to operate your own website, so this time back to the station, further study, please help.

said so many words, a summary of its successful experience:


one, do what must attentively, of course, do stand is no exception, must be careful. But only the heart is not enough, the brain also will change, look at others, even if it is just beginning to copy others can, personally feel that the novice just started not to hurry to set their own style, those old masters do stand to have their own style, but to a new hand. How can have the ability to locate their own style? But the target direction should be established in

!The promotion of

two, the site is also very important, we all know this, I’m just here for a person, is that people do technology, pure technical people are generally more lofty ideas, always feel that others in the web advertising is a very shameful thing. I had this kind of feeling, but also very disdain in this practice, now is really very funny, so sometimes I feel the pure technical people really do not fit to do.

three, if at the same time also can not prevent the domain name, according to their own domain name to do stand, because if you make of the domain name will be registered for a long time, the direction of their own, this type of domain name if made some of the same areas of the site, it can become a small environment, so each site each other can take care of each other, as it is now often see a lot of branch of a group, in fact, look carefully, these companies are relatively small, but more, let people feel that this group is very strong.

four, do not think of your web browser’s IQ is too low, do not have to do web site, like Bai Juyi’s poem, so that adults and children can understand. Do as you please, for a quantity

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