28 Jul

Ma Zhiming what can a stationmaster do with a genuine heart

to be honest, do more to work in good faith, because most of the time we were in the man-machine dialogue, most of the time through a cable, computer and the other end of the strangers, only our sincerity can penetrate the vastness of the Internet, let the cloud people feel our wholeheartedly, let each other communication is maintained.

you may ask, sincere webmaster can exchange what heart? Really alone, sincere webmaster heart can change many things, but also valuable, I experience in more than a year in the career of many webmaster, here to talk about the webmaster can exchange the sincere heart 3 things.

[a sincere exchange order]

before, I made a single page product station, is dedicated to the treatment of diabetes tea, more than 130 per catty, profits are not many. Promotion with the rankings, with traffic, is the deal. In the meantime, I do have any visitors regardless of customer service, consulting, I will carefully and patiently answer, the key is I did not dwell on the transaction, but on behalf of the customer, answer the question on the value basis of visitors, such as visitors ask people whether gastritis drink my tea, this I don’t know, but I know that kidney function is not very good people should not drink, for example, visitors ask people with constipation can drink, I am not in a hurry to answer, but to find authoritative information, that this tea is cool, do not get angry, constipation can drink and laxative. In the long run, many visitors say I am sincere, some visitors are high blood pressure, and my tea is mainly aimed at diabetes, but because of my sincerity, they want to buy it for friends, because they believe me.

so, sincere webmaster heart really can exchange orders, don’t just think about making money, as long as sincere orders, you can not.

[two, honesty for good faith]

my delivery is cash on delivery, but not the kind of express company on behalf of the collection business, my first shipment to the customer, the customer inspection after payment to me during a customer questioned, aren’t you afraid I do not give you money. Admittedly, I am also afraid of starting a people do not give money, but I to all the things that the area where I did not express, not on behalf of the collection business, and many courier companies do not allow buyers inspection before payment, I can only through the post office delivery, and then by the customer payment to me, seem risky, but because of my sincerity, no delivery cases do not give money.

so, sincere webmaster heart can really get good faith, good faith in its own online shopping, as long as everyone honesttreatment.

[three, sincerely change friends]

on the Internet, not to learn techniques to learn marketing, behind closed doors is absolutely impossible, webmasters may also need to communicate effectively in order to grow quickly, really I do not very good. But, there are many webmaster friends do very well, in QQ group, in Taobao shop, >

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