28 Jul

Cai Wensheng some domain names do not sell now fabulously rich

renamed China (eName.cn) May 4th – the day before the twenty-fifth word board since the gem collection storm technology listing, the stock closed at 101.27 yuan, as the sixth largest shareholder of the company is expected to impact Xiamen’s richest man Cai Wensheng. This relies on the domain name to start, has sold qiyi.com (strange art), tudou.com (potato) and so on many heavy domain names, to later well-known angel investor, Cai Wensheng’s success cannot but say that is a legend.

: Cai Wensheng,

domain name investment won the first pot of gold

Cai Wensheng and CEO Yao Jinbo 58 city, Meitu Xiu Xiu founder Wu Xinhong, is to rely on the domain name and domain name in the field started, Cai Wensheng achievement is superior, is known as the "king of the domain name". In April 2000, Cai Wensheng accidentally see the business.com domain name has sold $7 million 500 thousand news, he was keenly aware of these opportunities, decided to give up the family business of import and export trade and real estate development business, investment domain, and has become one of the most successful domain name investors Chinese.

it is understood that Cai Wensheng has grabbed about one hundred thousand Internet domain names, the total valuation of more than $100 million now. From 2001 to 2003, his business name he registered more than 5000 very influential, about a domain name, sold more than 1000, including Qiyi network qiyi.com, tudou.com, tudou.com innovation works chuangxin.com, wanmei.com perfect storm, baofeng.com, each domain name out is worth showing off.

Cai Wensheng owns domain names across all walks of life, among which city domain names occupy a high position in the domain name domain. It is reported that Chinese has 2112 counties, of which 80% of the city is domain name he registered or from overseas to buy back, so hands before Cai Wensheng Puyang.com (Puyang), chuzhou.com (Chuzhou), jingdezhen.com (Jingdezhen) etc..

he has also held three car domain name: China rent a car net, zuche.com, car Qiche.com, net car city Cheshi.com, have certain popularity in the country. There are Google, G.cn, Fang Chuan, worth tens of millions of flags, networks, domain names, daqi.com, etc., are sold by him.

Cai Wensheng in the domain name is Xiaoyouchengjiu, which is said to be in the domain name on the net every year millions of yuan, and Cai Wensheng himself has said that the domain name to his achievement is the biggest, the money is the most, also said that if some domain names don’t sell it, it’s really fabulously rich.

this remark is not virtual, such as the well-known "car" top-level domain name qiche.com, this rumor sold 15 million yuan domain name, Cai Wensheng was originally free to send

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