25 Jul

LJ Adsense is how to do advertising through the site

recent, Google AdSense in China’s introduction of Picasa and Firefox advertising, eventually have to cut prices or stop to face the situation is too bad. Unit price dropped to 0.01 U. S. dollars, there are still owners in the crazy cheating induced promotion it, after all, the dollar is worth more than the rmb. Now I want to break this Pandora box, talk about the webmaster’s tacit advertising methods.

to search search software has opened a fake website named "Dortmund software station" (www.downt**l.com), this website is not released here, just hope he honest do stand forsake heresy and return to the truth. This station has too many ads, large picture ads, video playback of the first video, Ali mom, GG, AdSense and other large and small 10 ad positions, as well as a floating fake QQ window induced advertising. Seriously affect the user’s visual perception. It is difficult to find a real download page, but from the software description page to the download page, not simply from the instructions page, this phenomenon is too much at the download station. Can be more pages, more advertising, and even allows more search included pages, cumulative keywords do fraud.

garbage site structure:

http://s.www.downt**l.com/Sort/list_ digital ID_ page.Html

page classification

software description page http://s.www.downt**l.com/Sort/, digital ID.html

download address page http://s.www.downt**l.com/Sort/softdown.asp, softid=, digital ID

The main purpose is to

users to download the software, easy to find after the download page to download the software to talk about why not easy! Users could not find the desired software, with full station advertising! In the most on the Netcom and telecom download that is a rogue plug-in software package, the address is: http://s.www.222846.cn/soft/soft_id_101/101.exe have yet to be tested. This virus. The advertisement is a cool music box, fast installation, cheat express search, Skype, Firefox download page, there is no software that you want. The ads on the right are even more amazing! Look at the picture below:



turned out to be the rumored actress’s photo, which led users to click and click on a super induced spam site www.laopopo.net.cn page, as follows:


sees >

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