25 Jul

By 2345 of the A shares listed chat about web site navigation past and future

July 29th, Shanghai software Limited by Share Ltd officially announced the acquisition of Shanghai 2345 network software Polytron Technologies Inc 100% yuan to 2 billion 650 million stake in the issuance of shares to buy assets formally by the SFC, and Shanghai 2345 is the third major domestic Polytron Technologies Inc web site navigation site navigation 2345 of the parent company, since then, 2345 site navigation officially completed in the domestic market A shares.

has been forgotten by the Internet industry for so long, the concept of Web site navigation again with the 2345 site navigation to 2 billion 650 million of the huge market capitalization of listed, into everyone’s line of sight.

mentioned site navigation, had to mention the originator of the domestic web navigation hao123. In May 1999, Li Xingping created hao123, and since then, the concept of Web site navigation has officially entered the internet. In August 2004, Baidu spent 10 million, plus part of the equity acquisition of hao123, the site navigation industry began high-speed development. But now see the 2345 site navigation 2 billion 650 million, it is estimated that when 10 million sold hao123 Li Xingping classmate already regret green intestines. Now, site navigation market well-known 360 navigation, hao123 navigation, 2345 site navigation, Kingsoft Duba site Daquan, Sogou site navigation and the 114 guidance for.

however, despite the huge valuation, but in the eyes of many people, site navigation seems not worth mentioning, this concept is countless insiders look.

Why does

say that? Because web navigation does have an inevitable disadvantage.

1, user stickiness low,

in site navigation user groups, users do not have any adhesive for navigation site navigation, this is a place where the site navigation has been criticized, compared to other web site navigation, the core is the content of the web site, and the site is not the most Internet users sticky stuff. There are book reviews, film reviews, music, Jingdong, Taobao products, 4399 small games, Sina, Sohu and other portals have various types of content. The site for the user does not have any stickiness, even if the site navigation does not exist, another can continue to use, because each site navigation are identical, also can help users to complete the same needs of the internet.

2, reproducible,

site navigation is the core. However, a grasp of a lot. The copy is so strong, it is also one of the reasons many people underestimate the importance of site navigation, in most people’s eyes, several static pages can have what difficulty, it can be said that the 1 day can build a web site navigation web site. Search the web site navigation, you will find a variety of large and small web navigation, each family is also deja vu.

, even with such obvious weaknesses

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