24 Jul

You’re not actually an operation manager just a running Manager

is probably in the middle of May, encountered a portal station operation manager, is a big girl, at noon I went to the unit to want to know me! The girl name very occasional, called Summer! She must be forced to lead, because from the words in can hear it.

is probably leading them to see I write "simple user operation" (see history) after the article to share their operations, and issued a directive, non operation departments for individuals to visit me that something going on operation. Their leaders don’t know where to find out, say Han Li, lewd, must make beauty plan, she long good-looking, unfortunately in action. The original intention is not willing to come, the sun is so big, run to me here for 2 hours or so. She knew the sweat on her face.

said I have come, don’t go, I ask you to eat a bowl of spicy, also talked about hospitality of a host table.

she must let me talk about the operation of the dry cargo, said back cross, or leadership that justified.

"what are you doing all day long?" I asked her.

"do the news every day. What does it do?". Real time staring at the industry’s key hot topic integration. In addition, I also manage 5 part-time editors, they will be audited every day in the CMS background, grabbed the news of the competing products website, I am responsible for the collection of quality news, recommended to the home page and the site’s key pages of operations. Then select the draft, read the high number of news on the micro signal to do a full amount of push, ranging from 3-6. Occasionally support sales, customer advertising, push, in addition, I also responsible for the channel’s forum, blog platform, every day disguised as a message in the post, posted in the forum. In daily life, we have to deal with all kinds of strange ideas that the head tries to think of."

"do you have a daily operation schedule?"

"daily operation optimization table? What is it?"

"how about your weekly report?" I didn’t answer her question.

she said: "writing is generally work content, such as this week to do a number of recommended news, how many, how many part-time audit, the number of edit posts, support a number of customers etc.."

this is the operation in early summer. I quite understand her, because I also in China’s top three IT vertical portal station for two years. At that time, the portal was not operational, and the editors were responsible for one or more channels. I found the editors, reporters day in and day out, month after month, repeated work in early summer similar, in addition to grab will earn a little power contests, no operational goals. I feel like a life without the engine, a dull day has passed, no wonder she is complaining.

in fact, Internet Co like early summer operators in the product life cycle are stable and recession is very common: because the product tends to stabilize, business model stereotypes, basic >

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