24 Jul

Two of website structure optimization

continues to talk about website structure optimization. This chapter continues with the keyword structure and site layout.

keyword (please remember this word, he will accompany you for a long time)

keyword is not a layer of constant, he is with the social hot spots, the masses concerned and constantly changing. This is something we can in Baidu billboard http://s.top.baidu.com/ observed, then your website if you want to get more traffic from search engines, then you have to keep adjusting your website add keywords and related articles,

home page is so important in your website. He was the first to face your users and search engine pages.

How does

combine the 2,


popular, HOT, as if since the Internet, this is indispensable content for each site. But here’s the story, let me talk about it.

1, hot is best arranged in the first screen, on the left, on the right side does not matter.

continues to take http://s.www.qqju.com/ as a matter of course. This website about popular information on the first screen to the left, as shown in figure

combines graphics and text with some small animations. Really attractive. Let visitors clear, PV will naturally do articles here.

2, hot, should be updated in time.

hot articles should be updated in a timely manner, it is important to update, generally speaking, if your site began to normal included, then please ensure that you update at least 5 articles a day. What he says will do you good. Of course, some people will say that the update is too tired. Ha ha, then I ask you, eat tired?.

The principle of

is updated every day like this, when you start the website included, in BAIDU or GOOGLE will have a similar mechanism of integral algorithm, if you update every day, even if you update the article is not much, but the search engine will think you are active, he often included in pay attention to your. Naturally, what, PR or RP, will slowly rise up?. You do not expect the site suddenly become PR5, or suddenly included tens of thousands. This extravagant expectation will make you disappointed faster.

applies Ma Yun’s words; "what comes and goes faster?".  

all right. Let’s get down to this chapter. Right here. Reprint should indicate: Grassroots Adsense exchange group QQ group: 14064739 group full plus 51209525

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