24 Jul

Recently Baidu and Google included differences

has been courting Baidu since my first day as a station, but this guy seems to have nothing to do with new sites. I don’t know why,


sites to now for a week, from the beginning of June 15th, I found the valley brother, and contains two pages, web site are: www.trip36.com and www.trip36/html/info, why Valley brother will be included so fast? I would like to thank the Admin5 for 15 that day I was on Admin5: the "I do not rely on advertising to make money (http://s.www.admin5.com/article/20080615/89059.shtml)" article, and relates to the above URL in the content, the valley included the brother, so I feel a little flattered. Over the past few days, Google has been visiting my website, and more than 70 pages have been collected for 4 days so far that it has been met by my new recruit. Besides, I didn’t try to attract cereal at all.

but Baidu is that what??? Haven’t included, I almost every day in Baidu know inside to answer questions, and each answer with a web site, went to the door to seduce people at home, Baidu or Baidu is not completely indifferent, to have a new observation period? I don’t know now, only constantly updated website content, increase the reverse connect, write some original articles, waiting for…………

do not know what tricks you heroes, can seduce to Baidu, we communicate with each other to learn.

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