15 Jul

Share a piece of soft writing that failed to write

I write this is a failure of the soft hair, in the webmaster forum, there are bamboo to I add, browse number is beyond my expectations, learning to write text rookie me, is a great encouragement, so very happy to share with you.

webmaster best way to learn is bubble forum

stands for more than a year, feel the most benefit me or global forum, from the start I entered the global forum for Wangzhuan, gradually become a webmaster, until now, my most important way of learning or global forum.

started to contact the site, is to do research. When is the diving forum, looking for information, what are curious, go look. To do Wangzhuan is everywhere posted, ha ha. Also began to have dozens of line.

was still on the Wangzhuan only know fur, then see a post that left E_mail to send data, it gave me a big surprise. Now still water, online selling understand, WC, I got a small fry, tutorial, heaven and earth suddenly open. Oh, so the original Wangzhuan advanced world. I was fascinated. Don’t know or went to the forum to ask.

also began to satisfy free Wangzhuan, download site information in the forum HTML, CMS learning system, understand IP, PV.


gradually understand something, it is hoped to make some friends here. The forum also helped me, I got a lot of QQ, QQ group, plus, also made a few friends. But also in the group space to download a lot of resources.

we Adsense every day to learn, there are many fine articles at the forum, and every day a new, it is worth a look, is the best self charging materials. I think life gradually, continuous learning, learning is an indispensable forum.

later, I also have a www.ptc-bux.cn forum, I in order to promote it, also made a lot of forum posts, write a lot of soft, for me, the forum propaganda effect is better and faster than other forms of propaganda.

so I urge the webmaster, do not work hard, leave a little time bubble forum, learn more. In addition, I welcome you to the.


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