15 Jul

Moreover the electricity supplier website conversion rate realizable algorithm

very interesting, the new year’s article written about "conversion rate", three months later was reproduced in several places, and I also feel that their science is meaningless.

on the recently frequently asked by various reporters and colleagues "mogujie.com realized conversion" problem, tidy up, and use the one way, and then share with you.

we last said, like we mogujie.com this solution to the user "buy what" problem, and for the electricity supplier to guide the transaction of the website, it is an important piece of income, that is, from the electricity supplier website commission. In other words, I take the electricity supplier website to clinch a deal, they will be divided into me. This income is often referred to as "CPS (Cost Per Sale) income."".

currently, Taobao’s Taobao guest system, also known as the Taobao alliance, is the biggest platform. In fact, most of mogujie.com’s revenue comes from the Taobao alliance.

here is the easiest conversion process:


In the

diagram, we will focus on three parameters:

ZhengZhan conversion: is to enter the site of UV, UV into the downstream business website, in order to "buy into ZhengZhan conversion". As for this, my last story about conversion is detailed. It doesn’t start here. Several data at the end of March mogujie.com, in UV220 million, out of the station (in Amoy) UV is 750 thousand, more than 60 thousand of orders, so the entire station purchase conversion rate is about 3%.

Taobao passenger orders ratio: that is, all transactions to Taobao, only part of the support divided. The setting percentage and Taobao sellers, the Taobao category support ratio at around 50%, mogujie.com did not do to support Taobao weighted guest goods (can do), so this value will be consistent with Taobao, is about 50%.

average commission ratio: that is, to support Taobao customers of goods, the average proportion of commission set. This ratio has a lot to do with the category. As far as the category of mogujie.com is concerned, we usually calculate it according to about 5%.

usually, we put the "Taobao customer orders proportion" and "average commission rate" is called "after the merger, split the commission rate, so the number of mogujie.com is about 2.5% (50% x 5%).

well, let’s start decomposing the formula. (every time I open my formula, I feel sick,



understand? When we split the commission income to formula "to the station UV, ZhengZhan conversion, support ratio, customer price, the average commission rate of these 5 numbers, we found that each number can be calculated and documented. Change >

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