15 Jul

Small return on investment projects to get rich

at present, with the accelerated pace of life, entrepreneurs are constantly increasing, so low investment high return projects with what? With a small amount of investment in exchange for substantial returns, is many people’s idea of entrepreneurial projects, but such projects are not so easy to find! For low investment and high return projects, in fact, there are still a lot of life. And if you don’t know what to do business, the following low investment high return projects will certainly inspire you!

Little difference between restaurant

color mud to make paintings are called flower painting, has been very popular in foreign countries, the domestic has just started. If you are in the vicinity of the school or open a flower mud Gallery, aimed at students doing business quasi money. Investment: total investment of 2600 yuan. Among them: the rent 500 yuan / month, banners of $40, shelves of $60, the table of 5 yuan, the chair of the 30 yuan, a simple renovation fee of $100, a license fee of $20, raw materials, 1200 yuan, 300 yuan. Marketing methods: divided into mud sales of finished products, their own production and sales of raw materials in 3 parts. If the finished painting, and mounted on the frame, according to the price of its core frame, 15 cm × 20 cm, 20 cm; × 25 cm, 30 cm × 40 cm; three kinds of specifications, charges 20 yuan each, 30 yuan and 50 yuan; if the student made, charges 10 yuan, 30 each yuan; if not loaded frame, charges 5 yuan, 8 yuan, 15 yuan; the sale of single flower mud bottle (30 grams.

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