15 Jul

Where is the professionalism of the game

most new people have had this kind of doubt. What is the value of the operation and how to demonstrate operational expertise in the project team?.

to tell you the truth, the ultimate value of the operation is nothing more than making money. Why do you want to stay active? Why do you have to stretch the game and the user’s life cycle?. Because, to survive, to profit, the team to eat.

cruel reality is

eventually embodies the value of a business, or depend on Kpi, Kpi reached, that your experience is feasible, you can go to preach or share your successful experience, because of your achievements and experience is outstanding team have been recognized by you, the boss of the company have recognized you, fans began to circle, the the big media interviews, so the decision after you said, we will listen to you, because you are a professional.

is another possibility, you are very cow force, operating a solid professional knowledge, Kpi is always so bad, not you, may be a game too slag or the company did not have money platform, the last game to die die, then, R & D, the market began to doubt, he is not very professional very Niubi?

so, in fact, these 2 problems are virtual, especially in the front-line companies, ranks, cattle, version pull, operation experience long, strong coordination of resources, process super professional, ultra agile. Finally, there is no achievement scores, more is theory, from the professional thought the empty talk, shit.

——*– real line ————

peace of mind to do the operation, do not want to reflect professionalism, and really very virtual, as long as you take seriously every work, with the best efforts to do, and the team and the boss feel your focus and serious.

I think concentration is so important that it makes it easy for you to succeed and that you have the courage and motivation to solve all the difficulties. If you can’t solve it, it means that you are not forced to talk about professionalism, so good,


– if the owner insists on professionalism, he can only recommend the following program: ————–

1, professional to see

slightly, oneself how cool, how come


2, professional to others to see,

1) information reserves. Pay more attention to the industry website, WeChat public number, known, iResearch Analysys International, large game companies listed financing mergers and acquisitions to fighting, how to reflect the operation value of share

what is called "cow force", you said others do not know, that is, "cow!"!


2) game experience reserve. Single, console, Pc, mobile terminal, all kinds of classic market more fire to understand, all the best to play, do not play at least to know the game types, art style, the core gameplay, the game features, at least they can fix market development, fool.

3) multi print call

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