14 Jul

Opened seven days P breakthrough 3000 and today was Baidu included

today is my very happy day, because since the new station opened seven days after yesterday’s IP exceeded 3000 after today again a good news, my site is Baidu included. Since the establishment of the station today is my happiest day. Here is the most I want to say: Thank you for the new cloud, because I the website is used new cloud template; thanks to Admin5, because I told the post here, Google second days will be my website; thanks to Baidu, because today is Baidu included. This is also I will flow of guests a source, the largest


now a lot of people to write soft Wen promotion of their station, for the hope is more than a weight link, I hope Baidu can see, faster included. In fact, we don’t write soft Wen also can let Baidu see, also can let Baidu included us. I was like this, of course, wrote a soft text, may be included faster,.

to introduce my experience here. A few days ago (No. 7.8) was completed after one or two days before I upload station in Admin5 keep abreast, posts and the webmaster exchange technology, at the same time to add Links, you use Baidu Search Links good, those are Links platform, I with their links, then every day to several times, can take on their website to find the signature, of course, need to find a platform for PR or Baidu snapshot new link platform, to do so, these days every day down soon, today Baidu collected my site.

if you really don’t want to add their Links to Admin5, or to Chinaz 286, this place links, Admin5 forum can leave comments, Chinaz can keep 286, then you can stay in the signature, so as to promote, Baidu can be recorded, can obtain the same the chain.

finally clarify, this is not my writing. I just soft site experience and share! Of course I do is stock website ebook, for Chinese is about 100 million people. There may be relationship between stocks and the large groups of customers. So IP up so fast. But I believe that the method we use I described above, your site will also IP the rapid rise of the


Oh, finally forget that I do is a free ebook website – stock shares Po E www.egubao.com   we want to look at the template (using the new cloud one of the default template) or interface can visit. I hope to provide some reference and help you now have included Baidu! I believe, IP 5W on that day will come soon!

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