14 Jul

The nternet chowhound recipe website alliance for the survival of the unique

network reservation, online takeaway and rely on traditional catering industry direct cooperation profit, and recipe website also has its unique way of life, "chowhound" Internet Alliance is already forming.

hunger breeds discontentment, in 2011 the total income of Chinese catering industry exceeded 2 trillion yuan, "eat contains" in which business opportunities it is self-evident. Although the virtual Internet can not directly fill the belly, it has long been through comments, buy and other O2O (Online To Offline) mode, online services and offline dishes linked. Today, the network reservation, online takeaway is also to have a share, in the face of those who want to personally penned "chowhound", recipe website is also profitable. "Internet Alliance chowhound" has been formed, the future with the popularity of smart mobile terminals, the convenience is bound to attract more chowhound net, in order to provide related services and "eat" network enterprises to bring greater development opportunities.

web Reservation: make a profit by filling a restaurant vacancy


OpenTable has gained the right to speak with the restaurant through the control of customer resources and data, but the relatively high level of fees has given competitors a chance to

over the past few years, air tickets, hotels and even scenic spots have achieved a predetermined migration from the telephone to the network, the standard of bad network reservation in China catering although slow development, but also to accelerate the start, try to fill vacancies by helping restaurant profit. Established in 2003, "rice Unification net" has now covered more than 90 cities for ordering service, and adopts telephone ordering and online ordering in two ways, but still mainly by telephone ordering. More than 50 10000 cooperative restaurant annual membership fee is currently the most important source of income. As business volumes rise, the Commission for future bookings will be another pillar. In addition, ordering, small secretary, lemon nets and other network booking platform, are still in its infancy.

domestic network reservations is not yet mature, but in foreign countries, network tentacles have long been extended to the catering industry. The American online reservation platform OpenTable (OPEN.NASD) was established in 1998, and now serves the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries. It provides a simple and efficient way of ordering, ordering can at any time according to the predetermined restaurant, taste, price, location, number of demands for restaurant screening, certainly can specify the restaurant name directly, and then determine the ordering of time, location and other details in the table, the predetermined information into the data system, ordering will receive a confirmation email detailed, complete the ordering. OpenTable has developed a complete set of iPhone, Android and other applications, convenient ordering by ordering the mobile terminal, May 2012, location service vendor Foursquare announced a partnership with OpenTable, users can Foursquare’s >

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