14 Jul

Stationmaster CMS wants to make money a bit of advice to CMS

is currently doing a master environment much better than before, the most personal webmaster as before must learn technology, I graduated from junior high school, but I still have some radical ideas, if there is no better technology will have greater progress, so I have to learn from 02 years of technology, but as I 30 years old, families with children and work in the learning network programming did a day after a year of hard work, now or not, I believe that doing station is my personal future, but the environment can let me rely on CMS


in the network for so many years, and earn a little money, but fell a serious cervical spondylosis, and now every neck pain, please friends must pay attention to the body. A little digression ha, because now the technology still is rubbish, as for so many years are not the most basic ASP did not fix, I was not going to give up, but to survive ah, no way, so find a classified information procedures, network program has brought some benefits, they do appreciate here so, posted on their web site (wangren.net) this is definitely not an advertisement, a kind of gratitude! Maybe you see below to know the contents of the


‘s advice to CMS.

user experience, professional, true, value.

in fact, this is a lot of webmaster ideas, specific also have concrete consideration. The user experience should be webmaster things, actually a lot of CMS do very well, if the owners do not understand this template tag is a CMS problem; professional you are CMS it is impossible to take care of all, do is classification, which industry professionals do not, after all, a lot of CMS has done very well, as had previously been concerned about the network, technical strength needless to say, people do suggest a professional real estate professionals, for example, the second-hand car professional (CMS and so on, I made some professional site, for example http:/ /www.fangww.com housing network, but still suffer from technology is not high enough, no to do a very professional, although they will have a good profit model, but it has failed to solve the model, real estate network anjuke personal feeling is very good) so you have this. And the technology is not the problem, profitable way will be more professional, and has focused on ASP, after the ASP I find on the Internet has a lot of, are not appropriate; this is indeed true, and all of the stations should solve the problem, the direct impact on the user experience and professional professional, station a lot of junk information, if Baidu keyword gives the opportunity to search, but the user can not find a suitable content, I think Baidu and users accounted for at an angle. What’s more, there are illegal information. The value is the value of the site; and finally said, if there are a few days before, the site should be valuable, that is a · site must meet a few days before, it is necessary to do promotion, if you feel that your station is rubbish station, how many IP, how much money >

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